What Physical Side Effects After Abortion?

Abortion is an act of cruelty unless pregnancy becomes a threat to the mother’s health and life. Killing a soul can never be forgiven.  It is a mere act of brutality. India is quite unpopular for its rate of abortion and female feticide. While many opt for abortion, one must also need to be aware of its side effects. It comes with severe side effects that can even take the mother’s life. One should think twice before choosing such an abortion and should know about the harm it can do. The side effects may not be the same for two women. It may change according to different factors.

Why Do People consider Abortion?

Couples usually opt for abortion in the case of an unplanned pregnancy. When pregnancy becomes a threat to health, doctors suggest abortion save the mother from more danger. They might feel as if they aren’t ready to accept the unborn child growing child. Others may want to secure a fitter job or living condition before having a baby and thus, go for abortion. Certain people keep a notion that they can never be a good parent and thus shy away from becoming a parent. There can be women who were sexually assaulted who may go for abortion as well.

Physical Side Effects During and After Abortion.

As mentioned before, the side effects of abortion may vary from person to person. It depends upon the month of pregnancy, the health of the mother, condition of the hospital and obviously the experience of the doctor and caretakers. One has to be extremely careful after abortion. The body calls for extra care during this time. When done by an inexperienced doctor, abortion can turn deadly and can take two lives instead of one. Abortion after the period of the first trimester can be dangerous. It is not usually recommended as it involves high risk. Few of the physical side effects during abortion include:

·         Abortion may call for heavy bleeding. The bleeding may persist for a while too.

·         Again the experience of the doctor and that of the clinic or hospital is very important. Any type of infection can make the situation more grave. The patient needs to stay away from people and things which they believe is capable of transferring any type of infection.

·         In worse scenarios, abortion can damage other body organs too. It can directly affect the health and condition of the mother. It can put the mother’s health in peril.

·         Abortion can damage the cervix which will bring forth more health issues for mother in the future.  If not done rightly, it can damage the uterus and create perforations in it.

·         The uterine lining also can be affected during the procedure of abortion. It can also call for several health problems in the future.
All these can bring about permanent damage to the organ. Thus, it is very much important to think through the plan before deciding. It is a  must to inquire about the professional background and experience of the doctor as it plays an important role.
Apart from these, there are also the minor side effects which can happen after abortion. However, the minor ones may not call upon permanent damage as those mentioned above. These include:

·         Nausea and vomiting
·         Light spotting of blood
·         Abdominal pain accompanied by cramping of muscles.

Psychological Issues Related to Abortion.

Besides the physical side effects, abortion may also give rise to psychological side effects in a woman. After the procedure, she may feel guilty for doing it, and the prolonged sense of guilt can gradually lead to more severe and complex emotions such as depression and despise. She may also feel a sense of anxiety which can bring about suicidal thoughts. Cases from around the world also report of a woman facing relationship issues, insomnia and sense of shame after undergoing an abortion. After the procedure, they lack a sense of confidence and thus becomes a recluse. It can lead to severe loneliness. According to the top infertility clinic in Bangalore , some women also suffer from eating disorders, and an uncontrollable rage which comes from their repressed emotions. In short, it takes a long period for a woman to cope up with the emotions and to get back in the old life and routine. It is important to wrap the woman in an affectionate and friendly atmosphere to prevent her from mental collapse. Give her the support she needs.

How to Know if There is A  Complication After Abortion?

One may bleed for a few hours after abortion. It is a normal process and doesn’t need to worry. But you may rush to the doctor if the bleeding doesn’t ease even after a day. If you come across large blood clots even after hours, it is a signal that needs an immediate response. Pain along with the bleeding is also not a good sign.  If you have contradicted infection, then you may also watch out for vaginal discharge with a strong smell followed by an unbearable pain in the pelvic area. The infection if not treated can get worse and affect the functioning of the pelvis. The infection may give fever, and low blood pressure as well. In a more complex note, there are cases when the fetus doesn’t get evacuated completely. It may call for another surgery and more procedures.


Even though the solution to abortion may sound easier, but it involves serious threats. One can’t jump into it without serious thinking. The side effects are not just simple ones to ward off it comes with great pain and complex stages. Thus, meet with the doctor, engage in some serious talk and decide on the best solution. It may be best to welcome a life into the earth than putting two in jeopardy.

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