Is Guest Blogging Still Good for SEO

Mark Cutts, the Head of Spam at Google, made an announcement stating that guest blogging was done. That announcement was made in 2014, and Google followed up in 2017 by stating that marketers wouldn’t be able to abuse guest posting to build their link profiles. This set all marketers in a state of panic because guest blogging was, and still is, a vital marketing strategy. The question remains; is this strategy good for SEO and Link Building?

It is Still an Excellent Strategy

To be clear, Google hasn’t banned guest blogging. The company still considers it a great marketing strategy and encourages people to engage in it. They just want to make sure you don’t spam search users with low-quality content and websites. Using guest posting to manipulate the search algorithm is the wrong way to go about this strategy.

What you need to do is ensure your content is valuable and contains good information. If your guest posting campaign is focused on establishing authority and sharing your knowledge with everyone, you will have great SEO success. Many marketers and bloggers still get a lot of engagement from this marketing strategy.

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How To Nail Guest Posting?

If you want to run a successful guest posting campaign, it is important to approach it carefully. Here are some tips that can help you with the process:

       Choose The Guest Posting Website Carefully – It is important to choose the guest posting platform carefully to get the best results from your campaign. Pick a platform that has a good reputation and is relevant to your industry. Don’t rely on spam websites that have a poor reputation or website security. You can check the website’s domain authority and page rank using reliable online tools.
       Understand The Website’s Selection Process – If a website uploads your content without asking questions, checking the article’s quality, and making sure it lives up to their standards, you might want to look elsewhere. A reliable website will choose its content carefully because poor content will have a negative impact on their reputation.
       Avoid Anchor Text Links – Google has updated its algorithm to spot spam links and over-optimized anchor-text links. You need to make sure your content doesn’t have any of these links. The best way to avoid this is to just link your page in the author’s bio. Don’t add any links in the content unless they are absolutely necessary for good user experience.
       Don’t Publish Duplicate Content – Create a separate piece of content for every guest post opportunity. Don’t repurpose content or publish it on multiple websites because Google will strike them down immediately.

If you ensure your content provides value and has a reasonable amount of keywords, you don't need to worry about Google striking against you. At Get News 360, we encourage bloggers and content creators to write for us to enjoy the benefits of guest blogging.

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