How to Create a Strong Password for Your ATT Account

Founded in 1885, American Telephone & Telegraph, popularly known as AT&T functions through the provision of telecommunication and digital entertainment facilities. AT&T has gained popularity for creating an easy to use email service for its users. Many people use the at&t email account for official work purposes such as sending important documents, submitting college assignments, etc. For this reason, it is required to have a strong password.

Things required to create a strong password.

The password of your at&t account needs to be strong so that it is difficult to crack. A strong password makes your account secure from the hackers. Now, follow these instructions to create a strong password for your at&t account.

·         At&t does not allow your password to be the same as your email address.
·         Your password must have at least 6 characters. The password of at&t can be up to 24 words.
·         You can add numbers or signs to make it even stronger. Hyphens and underscores help to make the password stronger. We will advise you to mix uppercase and lowercase letters in your password.
·         Try not to generate a password that has only alphabets or only numbers.

A few tips to help you to create a strong password

·         The password needs to be memorable as well. Ensure your password is unique and not something common like your name.
·         The longer the password is, the harder it is to crack.
·         Avoid obvious series of numbers and alphabets at all costs.  These types of passwords are very to crack. If you have such a password your account is at risk of being hacked. Change your password immediately.

·         Do not use information that can be found easily on the internet. Like, try not to use the name of your parents and pets or school and college as your password. These types of information can easily be found on your SNS account and it will be easy for the hackers to get access to your accounts with such information.

Contact att support number for further details

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