The Best Battle Ready Swords Available at Battling Blades

Battling Blades is a famous company that designs and sells ‘battle ready’ swords, knives and machetes. They aim at manufacturing the swords by using the best quality metal, wood, bone, and leather. Battling Blades aims at providing 100 percent customer satisfaction and is proud to have the best craftsmen in the team. The business is a family owned business and all the family members play an active role in the success of the business. Also, the main feature of the battle ready swords is that these are handmade. 

The Best Battle Ready Swords Available at Battling Blades

Battle Ready Swords Available at Battling Blades

Talking about the variety of products that are being sold at Battling Blades, Following are available for all the customers:


1. Bastard Swords
2. Chinese Swords
3. Cutlass Swords
4. Gladius Swords
5. Katana Swords
6. Longsword
7. Rapier Swords
8. Sabre Swords
9. Scimitar Swords
10. Viking Swords

Brief discussion about the Gladius swords:

Gladius swords

Gladius swords being sold at Battling Blades are made up of high carbon Damascus steel which is available in different dimensions and sizes. The Gladius is quite famous amongst people as the demand for these is quite high. Currently, the prices are slashed down and all the Gladius swords are on sale. You have an opportunity to buy the best Gladius for yourself at a very nominal price. 


Here we would like to discuss the Gladius sword available at 30 inches. Gladius swords also known as Roman swords were described as the primary swords of the Ancient foot soldiers. The original price of this sword is $399.99 which is available at just $189.99 at the moment. It is a lightning deal for you to have the best ancient type sword right away. 



Moving forward to the knives available at Battling Blades, following variety is available at the most affordable prices:

1. Hunting Knives
2. Kitchen Knives
3. Gurkha Knives
4. Machetes
5. Survival Knives
6. Tracker Knives

It is believed that from the 3rd century BC, the Romans have adopted swords similar to the ones which were used by Celtiberians. Also, during the conquest of Hispania, they adopted a variety of such swords. These battle ready swords were known as the Gladius hispaniensis, or simply Hispanic swords. The handle of the sword is made of wood with Brass Bolsters and has a leather sheath. The blade material of the sword consists of Damascus steel which has 5 folds in total with a number of layers, five pieces of high carbon and six pieces of carbon steel. The steel layers create a sword which has good strength and capability to tolerate strong collisions. 

Battling Blades aims at delivering the best quality to the valuable customers. The company has been running successfully for a long time and is looking forward to designing and selling some of the best swords. 

The customer reviews about the swords are also great. Customers, who have bought these, say that the patterning is unbelievable and the overall look of the sword is awesome. People have recommended the Gladius swords in order to see the best quality in hand. 

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