Aluminum is a perfect metal for residential and commercial products. Aluminum doors and windows are made by us for your needs. If you would like to make your home more secure and to date than aluminum windows are the best choice for you. Aluminum is corrosion free metal so the frame of windows does not require more material for holding the glass.

If you want to renovate your business place and home than MIR aluminum is the best option for you.  Mir Aluminum doors and windows with glass glazing may look the same from a distance but take a closer look and difference between quality products.
 The buildings which are situated on seaside must need aluminum windows because the more corrosion chances are available here.  The chances of corrosion in aluminum Mir Windows are lesser than other materials.


Best for noise control:

Aluminum windows are best for noise control that’s why they are better for the educational field and health centers.

Dampness resistant:

In snowfall and rainy areas aluminum windows are a great choice because they are moisture resistant.
Money Saving:

Aluminum windows are not as costly as other windows. The MIR aluminum windows have a reasonable price than other companies.

Low Upkeep:

 Mir aluminum windows are less upkeep and no need for support.


Mir aluminum windows are long lasting and more durable than other windows.

Light Weight:

Our windows are light weight than other so they are easy to convey from one place to another.

Consideration And Warnings:

If you want some extra light than Mir aluminum windows are great choice for you.
Our windows are strong and they are able to support a large area of glass.

Key Features:
  • Comprehensive and undying windows style
  • Very operative and easy operation
  • Low subsistence need
  • Better security and vitality proficiency
  • Sparing friendly
  • Cost and time saving
  • Higher customization possibility

The importance of Mir aluminum windows are easy to manage and preserve to all users heedless. The aluminum material is better quality hence stable for long time after investiture. The windows are well sheltered and are sound proof and resistant to strong weather conditions like wind and heat. You can also order aluminum windows in accordance with their structure. For large rooms you can make the windows very large. On request, aluminum windows with enhanced protection can be used for security measures such as theft, fire and fire.

Types Of Aluminum Windows:

Sliding Windows:

Our most common type is sliding windows. This window consists of two panes and a large frame. You can choose variety of colors and styles in these windows.

Awning Windows:

Awning aluminum windows open in an outward direction, generally. These windows are mostly use into small windows for small rooms.

Pivot Windows:

Pivot windows render a pleasant look and also let abundant natural light possible. These windows are very popular all over the world.

Tilt And Turn Windows:

This one is the updated model of windows. This unique design open on one side but can also be open using a twist motion to any direction. This type of window are using in those areas facing big rushed street.

Projected Windows:

Mir projected windows has a leaf or two that open by pushing outward. These windows are commonly used in all modern cities of the world. Projected windows do not waste the area as it usually opens outwards.

All these types of aluminum windows carry the updated style and are very well amalgamated in the latest architectonic styles. Mir aluminum windows are suited for offices and homes. These are made of awfully strong material to avoid breakages and accidents.

Aluminum windows in the world become more famous choices of material when talking about windows. One of the reasons is that you can forget for a moment when it is installed. You do not need to apply often. They have high durability in all climatic conditions are cheaper than the wooden frame and have a very high colour choice. They are also characterized by better noise cancellation.

In general Mir, aluminum windows are more expensive than PVC windows with the same characteristics, but often cheaper than windows. Depending on your needs and your budget, you should consider which options are most appropriate. We can help you contact us and make the best choice.

Our team is so energetic and hardworking. They complete their task in a given time. If you want to ask some questions about the product or want to get information about our company visit our website or call us on given contact numbers. Our team answered any question with patience.

Feedback Of Our Customers:

Thanks for giving me a great product for my office windows. Everyone inspired after looking at my office view from windows. Windows look very charming that’s why the view of all office looks wonderfull. Thank you for guide me about the MIR aluminum windows.

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