9 Reasons You Cannot Ignore SMS Marketing

Marketers are constantly thinking of new and creative ways of getting their messages to the potential and existing customers while expecting amazing results from the efforts that they are putting in. A basic rule of marketing is thinking exactly like the manner in which your audience is thinking. You also have to understand the marketing habits that they have and what exactly they are looking forward to gaining from your business. Irrespective of the product or service that you are offering, it is crucial that you ensure that each and every service and product is visible even when your customers are moving from one place to another. There is no denying the fact that each and every customer is using mobile devices right now. It is crucial that you make your business as mobile-friendly as possible. SMS is one of the best tried and tested methods, and it can be used for communicating with your customers. This will also make sure that your business is keeping up with all the latest market trends as well. According to www.forbes.com, 95% of adult Americans use mobile devices.

If you are a marketer and you have still not considered the amazing benefits associated with SMS marketing, consider the list of the benefits that have been listed below. 
In case of a campaign, you generally have to wait for a really long time to get mocked-up or printed. However, in the case of SMS marketing, you only have to decide the message that you want to send to your customers. You need to know that sending a huge number of messages to all your customers is going to take only a few minutes. SMS marketing is immediate, and it is going to help in saving a lot of time. Also, as stated by reports, 90% of the messages are read within a period of 3 minutes and you can also see immediate results for your business.
Mobile friendly
It is crucial that you make your business mobile-friendly because this is something that you can definitely not wait for any longer. Smartphones are already here and you can be assured that they are not going to go anywhere at all. Text messages are compatible with almost all the mobile phones that are currently present in the market and you do not have to worry anymore about teaching users to understand technology. Since almost everyone is using mobile devices constantly, you need to know that SMS marketing is also extremely mobile-friendly. 
All the customers love this
SMS is one of the simplest and accessible ways of engaging with your present as well as potential customers. SMS has an open rate of almost 98% and it is better in comparison to any other method of communication when you are comparing the read rate. Numerous people love sending as well as receiving SMS messages almost on a regular basis, and hence, they do not need to be taught how an SMS can be used. 
When you are comparing face to face meetings, emails, and direct mails, you need to know that text messages are responsible for having a really low impact on the carbon footprint. It is one of the best and carbon-free methods of communicating. Therefore, if you want to make your business and the process of marketing your business greener, you need to know that SMS marketing is going to be ideal for you. 
You do not leave your house without your mobile phone and this is the same in case of all your potential customers as well. Therefore, it can be said that you can reach your mobile phone anywhere and everywhere. Apart from calling your customers, one of the best and most direct ways of communicating the message of your business or brand to your customer is by making use of the appropriate SMS. An SMS is going to be delivered straight into the hands of your customers at the ideal time. 
There is no denying the fact that each and every person is trying to juggle with the busy life that they have. Therefore, sometimes people can start feeling that they have to process a lot of information and they may even start unfollowing a particular brand. It has also been observed that emails are left unread, advertisements are ignored, and leaflets also discarded. SMS is not only simple and small, but you can also get your message almost instantaneously without messing around. Also, when you are sending an SMS, you can be assured that it is going to be read. 
Most of the service providers are responsible for providing delivery reports, which can be used for checking whether or not the messages have been sent successfully to the targeted group. If you are interested in any other form of intelligent tracking, any top player will not only inform when the messages are being sent in a successful manner, but you are also going to receive the complete details regarding who, what, and when the links have been clicked. This will ensure that you are getting the most out of all your campaigns. In order to gain more knowledge, you can contact the toll free SMS service providers.
Most of the direct mailboxes of your customers are constantly swamped because of spam as well as junk mail. Customers are going to be interested in receiving SMS updates only from those companies in which they are interested in. Therefore, you can be assured that your message is being delivered to the right audience without being ignored or getting lost. If you are interested in making all your customers feel special, you need to personalize every message. 
SMS marketing is extremely affordable because it is going to come in the budget of different sizes. Therefore, if you have a tight marketing budget, you can definitely make use of SMS marketing. 
If you are interested in improving communication as well as boosting the sales of your business, SMS marketing is going to be ideal for you. Ensure that you are going through the benefits that have been listed above so that you understand exactly why you should opt for SMS marketing.

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