The Most Recommended Certifications for HR

Competition in the workplace is growing, and HR is not untouched from the trend, which is why HR professionals today need to be more competent to put up in the workplace.

Especially, where HRs often get a bad wrap  and accused of not having any work to perform or being unorganized most of the time. Despite having way too much on his/ her plate, HR is still questionable department given the fact many starter organizations don’t have one.

In fact, a Wall Street Journal article outlines a few companies which have decentralized the function in order to streamline accountability, cut costs and build leadership, among other things.

Contradicting the misconceptions, the job of an HR does not revolve around merely recruiting or payroll management. While large organization hires HRs for certain roles, smaller ones prefer HR generalist.

Most Recommended Certifications for HR

HR must possess a large number of hard and soft skills to land a job at a good organization. And it’s even difficult to stay relevant in this fast-paced world. In a time where having a degree is not enough to land you a job, one way to prove proficiency is to bag some certifications from accredited sources.

Having these certificates will not only gives you a competitive advantage in your job search but will also keep you updated and relevant in the market if you’re a senior HR with years of rich experience.

In fact, some of the mentioned certifications are mandatory to get hired at certain organizations.

Top certifications, every HR must have;

1.    SHRM [Society of Human Resource Management]

The organization has been there for more than 65 years, to provide education, certification, and networking opportunities for its organizations. SHRM has more than 300,000+ HR in its family globally.

Offers two certifications, namely; SHRM-CP and SHRM-SCP.

SHRM-CP Stands for Society of Human Resource Management Certified Professional; this certification is designed for HR professionals who execute policies and strategies, serve as the point of contact for staff and stakeholders, provide HR services and perform operational HR functions.

whereas, SHRM-SCP acronym for Society of Human Resource Management Senior Certified Professional, it is designed for HR professionals who develop strategies, lead the HR function, foster influence in the community, analyze performance metrics and align HR strategies to organizational goals.

2.    ATD [Associate of Talent Development]

ATD holds expertise in training professionals who help others achieve their full potential by improving their knowledge, skills, and abilities in the workplace.

Another set of certifications is offered by ATD, the two certifications offered by the association are; APTD and CPLC.

APTD stands for Associate Professional in Talent Development is designed for talent development professionals in the early part of their careers, whose professional aspirations are focused on a few areas of expertise.

CPLC stands for Certified Professional in Learning and Performance. It examines the proficiency of professional with over ten years of expertise and helps grow your career further.

3.    HRCI [ Human Resource Certification Institute]

HRCI is a 40-year-old non-profit credentialing organization helping HR professionals in career development through its certification.
They offer several HR certifications for US-based HRs and International HRs. The international Certifications are; aPHRi, PHRi, SPHRi, and GPHR.

aPHRi stands for Associate Professional
In Human Resources -
International. It is a certification for HRs, just starting with their career.

PHRi stands for Professional
in Human Resources
— International. It is a certification for HRs to demonstrate their mastery of technical and operational HR principles.

SPHRi stands for Senior Professional
in Human Resources
— International. It is a certification for senior HR professionals as the name itself suggests.

GPHR stands for Global Professional
in Human Resources. It is to validate your expertise in multinational HR practices.

4. TMI [Talent Management Institute]

TMI has been there for a decade, and TMI standards, knowledge frameworks, and credentials are regarded today as the highly authoritative in Talent Management standards.

TMI offers three certifications for HR professionals; TMP, STMP, and GTML.

TMP is an acronym for Talent Management Practitioner. It is the best fit for HRs kick-starting their career into Talent Management.

STMP is simply an acronym for Senior Talent Management Practioner. It is for the mid-career HR professionals to lift their career.

GTML stands for Global Talent Management Leader. This certification is for the people ready for a global HR role.

These were the major four certification providers to prove your HR proficiency and give you an edge against competition in accelerating your career in the field.

In order to keep growing, we must keep learning, trends are changing rapidly, and you can’t incorporate the latest work practices with obsolete knowledge gained years ago. And if you happen to have less to no experience, it’s an onerous task to merely land a job. And that’s where these certificates come handy to learn relevant skills and show them on your resume to help grow your career prospects.

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