Stress Buster! Touring these 7 Most Amazing Beaches in Saudi Arabia

The United Arab Emirates is a country with hundreds of interesting tourist place. The luring city of Saudi Arabia flourishes with tourists every year seasonally. The country lies in the middle-east of the UAE.

The UAE is rich in different aspects, mosque, skyscrapers, adverse technology, and petroleum. But, do you know Arabia is surrounded by a large number of water bodies?

The beauty of Saudi is completely mind-blowing as the land of dessert is surrounded by tri-water bodies Gulf of Aqaba, Red Sea, and the Arabian Gulf. Doesn’t Saudi Arabia sound like a beach place? Yes! it is.

7 Most Amazing Beaches in Saudi Arabia 

Saudi Arabia is popularly known for its great beaches too and that is the reason why tourists are slowly rushing for there exclusive vacations.

The beaches at Saudi are not only to relax body and mind, but it also pours a lot of positive vibes into your soul.

A thought which strikes most of the tourist: What is so special about the beaches in Saudi?

The romantic sunset and lovely sunrise, refreshing sand, and water would be a better way to describe these beaches.

A crisp discussion will be an injustice with several fascinating beaches.

Are you getting frantic? If yes, then get ready to fall in love with the Arabic beaches.

A Glimpse of 7 Middle-East Beaches

A voyage to Saudi Arabia completes when your footsteps land on the soothing beaches of middle-east. If you are looking for something worth celebrating and relaxing in the Eid or during summer vacations, visiting these 7 beaches will be the best choice to hang out with your family and friends.

Al-Fanateer Beach, Jubail

Among all the beaches, Al-Fanateer is known for its picturesque essence. It is located in the city of Al Jubair. Al-Fanateer is popular among the locals and excursionist and famous as a public beach.

Are you making a plan to visit with your family and friends? Then do not miss the activities like scenic boat rides. Also, if you are willing to present yourself some dresses, funky food and games, then Al-Fanateer mall is nearby the beach, you can visit and enjoy some shopping time.

Haql Beach, Haql at the head of Aqaba Gulf

Many of the water lovers do search for diving fun. Are you one of them? If yes, then Haql beach is for you. Haql beach is famously known for water diving. Though it is a public beach, visitors from different places definitely arrive on this beach to explore Haql Beach Shipwreck. The glorious coral reef is one of the most important reasons that this beach has turned as a diving spot.

Durrat Al Arus, Jeddah

This beach is a trend towards private beaches in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This is known as the magnificent beach in Jeddah. It has near about 1000 beach villas, a theme park, a diving academy, and a golf park.

Are you planning for a celebration with buddies or a family gathering? Then you need not think where to go and what to do. As you can book a Villa for a day or so, as per your requirement. For Eid festivity, the resorts of this beach are very famous.

Silver Sand Beach, Jeddah

Silver Sand Beach is famous for “less-conservative” beach. This beach offers a lot of water sports such as windsurfing, snorkelling, open-water swimming, and you can swim to small islands too.

Silver sand demands SAR 150 entrance fees for these water sport hustle.

Half Moon Beach, Khobar

Half Moon beach is really big and a great destination for the sightseers and locals. You might wonder why this beach is named Half Moon?  It is because of its shape. Half-moon beach is a great visit on the land of the Persian Gulf. You are allowed to have fun with your family by doing certain activities such as sunbathing, rides in a beach buggy, amusement park, kids play area. Also, you can get fresh on the beaches as they avail bathrooms, lockers, and showers for the tourists.

Farasan Al Kabir Beach, Farasan Islands

A panoramic view of dazzling blue water with an isolated island near the coast is all you can fantasize about Farasan Al Kabir beach. This beach pours natural beauty with fantastic diving spots in the world. If you are a nature and diving solicitor then buckle up for the Farasan beach.

Umluj Beach, Umluj

Umluj beach has a situated island just off the coast. An amazing part about this destination is that it comprises of 50 islands which are an integral part of the Red Sea Tourism Project. Umluj offers boating from the harbour, at worth SAR 100 to the island. The Virgin beaches and dazzling water what else is needed to cover up the islands by the tourist.

Dive to Chill in Arabian Beaches!

Saudi Arabia is the country of Islamic royalty. It is not only rich in remarking great technologies and mosques but also full of royal beaches. Have you become more mesmerized and obsessive after reading our blogs about beaches? If yes, start packing your bags to experience the best beaches in Saudi Arabia now!

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