Rami Jabali - A Place for All Kind of Makeup and Hair Services

Dubai is witnessing a growth in the number of beauty salons. This growth can be attributed to the growing number of tourists coming to Dubai and the rest of the UAE every year. The number of tourists visiting the UAE is expected to reach 20 million in 2020. Moreover, the UAE government is making efforts to make Dubai a true cultural and fashion Hub.

The Dubai Opera House and Dubai Design District are just two examples of a growing number of initiatives taken by the UAE government to establish Dubai as the next fashion capital of the world. Already an increasing number of fashion events are being held in Dubai, with many international and local personalities gracing these events.

Rami Jabali 

As a result of these initiatives, even the locals are now thronging the salons to keep up with the latest fashion trends. It is not just women that are adopting the latest fashion trends but also men. A growing number of men are now opting for various beauty procedures, even opting for the latest haircuts, facials and other beauty services.

However, a lot of salons are offering poor services, and 107 salons have been closed down for poor hygiene. Therefore, selecting a salon which does not compromise on hygiene or quality can be a headache.

Fortunately, salons in Jumeirah are known for their quality, customer satisfaction and commitment to hygiene. One such salon which offers quality beauty services to men and women is Rami Jabali.

What is Rami Jabali?

Rami Jabali is a place where you can get all types of hair and beauty services. In fact, it is one of the premier salons in the Palm Jumeirah area as is evident from the Google reviews and the number of people coming to the salon every day. The staff is well trained to meet the demands of different customers.
Instead of relying on our word alone, you can search for ‘hair salon Palm Jumeirah’ on Google, and Rami Jabali’s name will feature on the list, along with the numerous positive reviews left by their customers.

What Does It Offer?

It offers and hair and other beauty services. RJ's hair services are amongst the best in the city at very affordable rates. One of its best services is the anti-frizz treatment, which is remarkably different from the services provided by other salons. Other salons use ironing in their treatments, which damages the hair.

However, RJ's treatment involves no ironing, instead building up a protective layer on the hair, from the root to the ends. It helps in closing the cuticles, enabling them to be strengthened. Moreover, anti-frizz treatment is more durable than the treatments offered by other salons.

Apart from hair services, Rami Jabali offers various nail services at affordable rates. Whether it is a simple shape & buff or a polish change, RJ offers almost everything when it comes to nails.
Apart from this, RJ offers the best waxing service in town! While it may seem like we are exaggerating, but once you try it for yourself, you will agree that it is no exaggeration. First of all, RJ only uses Lycon Wax for different waxing services.

Lycon is made with the finest resins, pure beeswax and natural ingredients, giving a far more superior result than any other wax. It is the choice of nearly all top-end salons in the world. Also, it is the least painful, which makes it a popular choice!


If any of you feels that the article is an exaggeration or a promotional article, we suggest them to try Rami Jabali. Not only will they agree about what we have written, but they will be booking their next appointment at RJ a lot sooner than they expected.

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