Most Appealing Indica Hybrid Strains to Try at Least Once in a Lifetime

If you think indica strains are not as effective as Sative, please reconsider this perception. Cannabis has Indica & Sativa strains that contain different levels of intoxicant elements. Generally, Sativa strains are considered as the strongest ones because they contain the highest level of Tetrahydrocannabinol. This element is responsible to get you high on weed. On the other hand, Indica contains the highest portion of Cannabidiol which has healing properties. Currently, hybrid strains of Indica are available in the market that contains a very low level of CBD but high sedation impacts. If you haven’t yet tried Indica stuff before, here are some suggestions to consider while buying weed next time.

Indica Strains Comprising the Best Euphoric Impact for Your Brain

  1. Northern Light
If you want the purest strain of Indica weed without even a single percent of Sativa, this is the best thing to consume. The origin of northern light is still unknown but some experts say it is the hybridized mixture of 11 different varieties. You can avail it from almost every authorized online dispensary in Canada. While inhaling through paper or vaporizer, you will experience a smooth & distinctive flavour that contains around 18% of THC. Talking about its impact on mind, it gets you stoned & high in just a few puffs.
  1. Bubble Kush
Bubble kush contains a combined DNA of Afghan, Northern Light & Skunk weed that contains 90% of Indica and 10% of Sativa part.  Unlike other Indica hybrids, this Indica dominant weed has a sweet flavour. It is a mind relaxing strain that you can consume right before sleeping. With a perfect dose of Bubble Kush, you will remain physically stoned for a few hours.
  1. OG. Kush
This aromatic weed is another hybrid of Afghan Indica that also keeps you physically stoned just like Bubble Kush. Talking about the post-consumption impacts, it equally intensifies your mind as well as body too. 90% of this plant has the part of Indica & the remaining 10% is Sativa.
  1. Royal Cookies
This hybrid of Indica contains around 23% if THC which is highest among all other strains. The royal cookies are hybrids of two different Cookies Forum plants that contains 20% of Sativa and the remaining 80% is Indica. This strain has the capability of relaxing you down with a euphoric impact on the mind. If you want something strongest in the category of Indica hybrids, this is the best one.
  1. Blue Cheese
Blue cheese is another Indica hybrid strain that contains around 20% of Tetrahydrocannabinol. The berry & cheesy aroma of this weed is the main reason why we call it blue cheese. Just like Northern Light, this strain is also made with 100% Indica genus plants. After consuming, you will experience a calming and intoxicating impact which is perfect for sleeping time.

All kinds of Indica strains take 2 to 3 months for obtaining the right size & quality of flowers. Their harvesting season is September month. Some of them get ready in the starting of September, some in the middle & others in the end. If you want a fresh stock of Indica herb strains, it is advisable to go buy it in November or December.

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