Let’s help You in Choosing the Right Musical Instrument to Learn

You really enjoy instrumental and acoustic music and now you have decided to learn music. Before joining music classes in Brooklyn, you need to decide which musical instrument you want to learn. You can easily find a music school in New York teaching a wide range of instruments. To choose a musical instrument to learn, you need to find answers to some important questions. You know your taste. You have everything easily accessible such as personal teachers, music schools and a wide range of instruments.

So, let’s find the right musical instrument for you.

What type of music do you like?

This seems to be an obvious point. However, you need to think it through. You love listening to acoustic folk music. However, you need to make sure that it is the right choice for you. Dig deep. You are investing your time and money to learn a musical instrument. Make sure that the style you want to learn fits the bill. Some of the instruments are more versatile. Choose an instrument to specialize in a genre. 

In which situations do you want to play?

Can you play an acoustic stringed instrument in a jam session? This may not be a good choice. You should go for a mandolin. If you are less social, you should go for a piano.

What is your budget?

You need to consider the cost of the instrument and the music school fee. Some musical instruments are very expensive and some are drastically cheap. If you are looking for a career as a musician, you should try to expand your budget as it is about your career.

What kind of practice space you have?

Highland Bagpipes may not be the right choice for you if you are living somewhere in the middle of Brooklyn. A farm far away from the city is the best place to work on your Highland Bagpipes skills.   

How easy is it to find a music teacher?

It is not difficult to find a guitar or a violin teacher in New York. However, there are limited options available to you when it comes to learning instruments like Cajun accordion. It does not mean that you cannot learn a rare musical instrument. You need to spend more time to find a teacher and more money to learn that rare instrument. You need in-person lessons to learn that instrument. You can also find a teacher who can teach you remotely via Skype. However, this style of teaching may not work for you.

How much time you can put into the instrument?

If you want to become an excellent player, you need to invest an enormous amount of time. You can learn a rhythm guitar or something similar if you cannot invest several hours a day in practice.

Do you have any physical limitations?

Don't learn an upright bass if you can’t handle its weight. Don't learn saxophone if your lungs don't have the capacity. You might have to play that instrument for hours during your stage performances. So, choose the instrument wisely.

Are you going to sing with the instrument?

If you want to sing with the instrument, you should choose one of the two classic instruments - a piano or guitar.

Do you want to read music?

You have to learn to read music to play Western classical music. If you want to play jazz, you need to learn to read.

Do you want to the band leader?

If you want to be at the front then you need to learn an instrument you can use to play solos. Choose the instrument according to the genre. 

Are you going to play with folks?

Some types of music are the best for social players. Irish music is a perfect example.

Keep your style and career in mind while choosing an instrument and a music school in New York.

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