Know about the benefits of skilled nominated visa subclass 190

Skilled nominated visa subclass 190 allows working and living in Australia permanently. This visa approval authority is DHA (Department of Home Affairs) of Australia. This visa is meant for skilled workers from foreign-national, who holds the occupation as per Australia’s SOL (Skilled Occupations List). Applicant should qualify a skill test and nominated by government bodies (state or territory). This visa subclass 190 is a point based procedure. Before applying for this visa the applicant should be selected by a state or territory government of Australia.

Benefits of skilled migration visa 190:

This skilled nominated visa subclass lets the applicant and applicant’s family to avail all types of facilities of Australian Permanent resident.

    Live and Work in Australia permanently

    The applicant can pursue study also

    Eligible to enrol for Medicare and public Healthcare scheme of Australia

    Can travel in and out Australia for 5 years

   Can apply for citizenship of Australia(if applicable)

    Applicant’s sponsor family members can be eligible for permanent residence

    The applicant can include the following family members with the application


    Dependent children

    Other family members(dependent)

Basic eligibility for 190 skilled visa:

Applicant should fulfil following criteria for applying in this visa subclass

    Applicant must score the minimum required points i.e. 65 points to lodge the request for the visa

    Points depend on many criteria like qualifications, work experiences in Australia, age, English proficiency, qualifications attained in Australia, state funding.

    Applicant’s age should be between 18 to 45 years (both inclusive).

    Applicant should qualify for skills assessment (valid for three years) as a qualification.

    You should meet the Standard English language proficiency test i.e. IELTS, PTE academy, OET, CAE, and Toefl.

    Applicant should lodge Expression of Interest (EOI) – The EOI is used to give tools to the Government for prioritizing and potential migrants on a merit basis, selecting the best migrant’s candidates for filling the shortages of the labour market. 

    After receiving an invitation from the Department of Immigration visa application should be lodged  (within 60 days of invitation)

Note: For the citizens of USA, UK, Canada, Republic of Ireland or New Zealand no need to appear for English language proficiency test.

How to apply for Visa subclass 190?

Step 1: Verify your occupation with the SOL (Skilled Occupation Lists)
This visa is applicable for the people whose occupation is listed on the above list.

Step 2: You should fulfil
basic requirements of eligibility
You should meet the basic eligibility criteria listed above

Step 3: You should meet a Skill Assessment
You should complete an assessment of Skill Assessment and score minimum marks to eligible for the Subclass 190 visa. For more detail instructions you can visit the Australian Department of Home Affairs (DHA) website.

Step 4: Submit an EOI (Expression of Interest)
Now you have to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) through Skill Select. In the Skill Select program some questions are framed based on your work experience and your background, skills etc...

Step 5: Attain a government recommendation
Nomination by the territory or state government needs to be submitted as a requirement of this subclass visa. After submission of EOI government authorities (who are looking for workers of some specified skillset) can view your application. If the government wants to select you, you will get an invitation letter for the visa 190.

Step 6: You can apply for the Skilled Nominated Visa subclass 190
You can apply for the Skilled nomination visa subclass 190 visa after getting a nomination and employer. The application can be done online through the DHA. Your supporting documents should be ready along with your application. Payment should be done in online mode only.

Step 7: Wait for a approval
The decision making the procedure may take several months for the DHA on visa application.

Step 8: start working after receiving
After approval, you can get a visa and can continue or start working in Australia.
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Can I include my family members with my visa?

Applicants can include their following family members


    Dependent child

    Dependent relatives

Family members (accompanying) must meet the standards of health and character. Family members who are not accompanying to Australia should also fulfil the standard health and character requirements.

Processing Fee: This visa processing fee depends upon the number of applicants.

For main applicant it costs AUD $ 3755 (Approx.)

Additional applicant (Adult) - AUD$ 1875

Additional Applicant (Not Adult) - AUD$ 940

Processing Time: Processing time for this visa may vary due to different circumstances of any individual. Mostly it takes 4-7 months as processing.

How long you are allowed to stay?

This visa allows you to stay in Australia permanently. This visa subclass is having travel criteria which expires in every 5 years.

How to Become an Australian citizen?

After a definite time, you might be eligible for citizenship in Australian.

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