Amazon Alexa Problems and Solutions

Technological advancements had made our life smoother. Now the introduction of Alexa by Amazon had made many activities of our day to day life simpler. You don’t have to take the hassle of having a phone for changing the colour of smart lights you have to just order Alexa and it will do it for you. It has also helped for setting the temperature of the thermostat and many such similar activities. As every technical object has some flaws so there are some flaws even in Alexa like there are suddenly some issues in it which obstructs its functioning. 

Amazon Alexa Problems and Solutions 

Whenever you face any issue while using Alexa you should rush for availing Amazon customer service. The technicians of the customer service team will help you to sort out the issue. They complete the process of resolutions as early as possible so that you enjoy services rendered by Alexa without any obstructions.

How to find out problems?

Sometimes, you find that Alexa is dormant that means not responding until you call upon. But still, there are lights that present around the top of the Echo and Echo Dot lights in seven colours. This show that there is some problem with it. In that situation, you can avail Amazon Alexa not responding for getting rid of the issues. But before that, you have to interpret the issues itself. These are the colours that depict various problems:

·         When there is red light then that means the mic switch present on the top of the speaker got pressed. Thus, it will not listen to your requests and so it can’t act accordingly.
·         In case of orange colours, you have to understand the device is trying to connect to a wireless network. And it fails to do so.

·         When the colour is violet then it is then a problem which occurs due to Wi-Fi setup.
When Alexa is unable to complete the process or the command then there will be pulsing red lights as soon as you find that you should consult Amazon customer service for finding proper resolution for that. If you find pulsing amber lights then that means the speaker is in setup mode and further it is waiting for you to pair it with a network by using Alexa app. If you have a problem in interpreting any of the signals, you can avail the help of the Amazon support team. They will help in interpreting the symptoms of the problem and hence resolving the issue completely.
Various problems and solutions

1. Problem in finding smart-home devices: If are unable to add smart-home devices then you should that the device supported. If you have added the devices but Alexa is unable to connect them, then you have to follow these solutions to solve it. You can even take help of the support team for proper Alexa setup.


First check the command that you are using as small differences in phrasing or names. Few smart home devices have difficulty in staying connected to software when that happens it is mainly because of network issue. In that case, correcting the network solves the problem completely. You can also reboot the speaker and still, you have difficulty in interpreting the cause, then you can contact Alexa customer service team. The technicians present there will help you to find the actual cause and thus solve it.

2. Issue in connecting with Wi-Fi: If suddenly you find that Echo, Echo Dot or Tap is losing connection. In that situation, you have to follow a few guidelines which will solve the problem completely.


You have to power cycle router, modem and Alexa speaker then you have to stream audio for a few minutes. You have to find out whether you are facing the same problem again. If you find the same problem, then you should move the speaker away from other devices and closer to the router. This will solve the issue completely. If not, then you have to take help of Alexa customer service team who would provide an instant solution for this problem.

Thus, if you face any of the above-mentioned issues, you can follow these instructions or you can even avail the help of Amazon customer service team. They will ensure that all the get resolved at the shortest time duration. And if you have Garmin device and you need to update Garmin then you can simply can visit update Garmin page and update you Garmin device and just give a commands to your Garmin device through Alexa.

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