Want to know which app can help you get the video downloaded?

Video has been a good medium of entertainment in this era of the smartphone. Ample platforms are available on the internet where one can find some of the amazing videos. Education, sports, movies and funny videos are most watched on various sites. The viewers’ love to learn various skills form these videos. Many viewers love to have these videos on their devices also, but they cannot do so as the sites of the videos do not allow it.

One needs to create an account on some of the sites where these videos are available, and they can download them or watch them online. The sites allow forwarding the link of the videos, but for that, the next viewer also needs to come to the concerned site only to watch the video. In case one does not have the live connection of internet the same cannot be viewed. These sites also allow downloading the video, but they do not permit the videos to be saved on the device, and hence if one downloads the video, it is saved on the cloud of the platform or site. Hence forwarding of the same is not possible with the help of other chat apps or messengers.

Why one needs a video downloader?

To overcome this trouble the best way is to get a video downloader app which can get the concerned video from the concerned platform. Once the video is downloaded the user can send the same to anyone. One can find many apps on the play store that offer the video downloading, but they are indeed not a good performer when it comes to having the video downloaded as at last moment they show errors. The vid mate is one such app that is tested and tried by many and hence reliable enough to offer the best service to the users. The notable thing here is it is not available on the play store, and hence one must get it downloaded from the website of the same which is 9apps.

Download the app:

One who wants to download the video needs to visit the site and click on the link given there for the downloading of vid mate. As soon as one clicks on the link, the process of downloading starts. In a few seconds, the app can be downloaded on the smartphone if one has a good internet connection. The app prompts for the installation, and one can also find a warning for the probable hazard to the device due to downloading of this device which one must ignore.

After the download, the app is ready to use as it gets installed automatically. The user needs to get the link of the video he wants to download and paste the same in the space provided. The app will get the video from the concerned platform and save it on the device for the ease of the user. Now the user can view it or send it to others with various modes of video transmission.

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