Uproot Blackheads and don’t Let them Come Back Again

The small dark lesions that form on the skin are called blackheads. They are generally mild acne and may occur on the face mostly or any other part of the neck. The dark color comes from the oxidized melanin produced in the skin. The blackheads form when the pores of the skin become plugged with the dead skin cell and a protective layer of oily sebum covers the pores. The dead cells in the open pores react with the oxygen of the air and get the dark color. We generally have the tendency to squeeze the blackheads out and this is one of the highly non recommended processes. There are many different kinds of products available in the market. These are all facial care products and very good in removing blackheads, such as face mask, scrubs, etc.

Causes of blackhead

There are several factors that lead to the rise in the blackheads on the face. The biggest and the most important factor is the change in age, which gives rise to hormonal changes. During puberty when the changes in the hormonal levels spike, there is an increase in the sebum secretion. This sebum covers the open pores and traps the dead skin cells. This is not necessary that they will always occur at puberty, they can also occur at any stage of life.

The increase in androgen the male sex hormone also triggers the secretion of sebum which is higher during puberty. Both boys and girls face the same increased levels of hormone secretion during puberty. After puberty, they still may be caused in women during the changes in the hormone related to menstruation, pregnancy, and using birth control pills.

There are other external factors as well such as heavy usage of cosmetics and blocking the pores. Over usage of makeup may also lead to dead skin cells being accumulated in the pores. Staying too long in a humid and greasy environment may also increase the outbreak of blackheads.

Other causes include steroid-based drugs, medications that encourage daily skin care, or health problems or stress.


No one likes blackhead on the face or any part of the skin. There are various products that help in the removal of blackheads out of which a face mask works the best. The application of the face mask pulls out all the blackheads when the mask is peeled off leaving the pores unclogged. Not only so, but the face mask also provides the treatment for the skin so that the chances of appearance of the blackheads are visibly reduced. They pull out the oil and impurities along with the pollution and provide a protective layer so that dirt and dead skin cells cannot accumulate in the pores of the skin. This reduces the chances of occurrence blackheads in the future.

The face mask also has different capabilities along with the ability to remove blackheads. They exfoliate the skin and rehydrate it. This kicks in the natural healing process of the skin. When we remove the blackheads we definitely would not like them to be back on our faces making it look dirty. The face mask generally has different an all in one solution. They offer blackheads removal along with anti-wrinkle and youthful skin. This is done by the use of gooseberry and moringa. Gooseberry is rich in vitamin C which fights dark spots and wrinkles giving the anti-aging effect. Moringa helps in restoring the lost nutrients to the skin and has antiseptic properties, which helps in healing the skin and its pores. With all this, it makes sure that the dark spots are not able to come back.

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