Topic: A complete Guide on Wedding Gifts everybody should know

For most people who get invited to a wedding party of their friends, family members, relatives or even long seen college colleague, the worry of what the gifts should be sets in almost immediately you get the invitation! As you worry about your outfit for the D-day, you also get worried about what the wedding gifts should be, especially if the couple has a special relationship with you. Selecting suitable wedding gifts for the couples can be a very daunting task-even, than choosing what you are going to wear!

In this post, the answer is right here, what you need to do to please the couples with both your presence and your present is right here!

Mind the cost: There is no standard rate or decision on how much money you should spend on buying gifts for the couples. Most times, it cost you more if the couples maintain a close relationship. The closer it is, the more the cost!
It is essential you keep to your budget and not buy a gift you will present to the couples with tears on your eyes-LOL!
Stay faithful to your budget and give according to the relationship between you and the couples.

Share ideas and ask questions: There is absolutely nothing wrong with reaching out to the couple and asking a few questions about their gift preference- especially if the groom is your close pal. If you intend to surprise them though, you can ask a few friends what they intend to buy for the couple so you can decide wisely what you also should shop for. Take your time while making a decision on choosing the right wedding gift ideas. It is one thing you should take seriously!

Stick to the gift list if there is one!: Some couples can choose to create a wedding list, which will in many ways take off the stress on their guests. Find out what the lists are and stay true with the gift list so as not to buy things the couple won’t need.

You are free to give cash: If the couple doesn’t mind, there are absolutely no worries giving cash as gifts for weddings. But you need to check with them first so as not to create unwanted feelings.

Send the gifts even if you’re not present: Sometimes, your schedule might not permit you to grace the event with your presence. The right thing to do first is to RSVP the couple so they will be aware of your absence in advance. But there is nothing wrong in sending the gifts to the wedding through a friend, a delivery man or physically present your gifts to the couple at a later date when you visit them.

Gifts are optional: wedding etiquette experts have shared diverse views on whether giving newlyweds a gift is compulsory. What is the intention behind the gifts? Because at the end of the day, what matters most is giving the gifts with a positive intention. If you’re a not close to the couple, or you're experiencing a tough time financially, then you're not bound under any force to present a gift to them!

In the absence of a gift, wishing the couple a blissful life together with the positive energy in your mind - That in itself is a big gift!

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