Top 10 Festivals of Tamil Nadu You Should Know About and Experience

Tamil Nadu is known for various different festivals celebrated in temples and home. Here are the top 10 festivals of Tamil Nadu you should know and plan your trip. Tamil Nadu tourism is famous for its unique temples and different festival celebration.

Top 10 Festivals of Tamil Nadu You Should Know About and Experience

1.  Pongal

Pongal festival is celebrated every year on 14th Jan in Tamil Nadu. It is the most popular festival among all tamilans and farmers. The term Pongal in Tamil means “to boil”, it is a thanksgiving festival to celebrate the year’s harvest. Pongal festival lasts for four days. Meaning of Pongal is “Spilling Over” it has been named so because it has a tradition to boil rice in a pot until it starts overflowing. On this occasion, people use to cook a sweet dish called Pongal made up of rice, moong dal, jaggery, ghee, and dry fruits.

2.    Tamil New Year’s Day

Tamil New Year’s Day is celebrated on 14th April every year and this festival is known Puthandu in Tamil Nadu. This festival is celebrated with neem flowers and raw mangoes. People decorate their homes and it is a belief to visit Meenakshi Temple on this day. Puthandu is a day of new beginnings; people celebrate this with the hope that this year will bring newer opportunities and growth in their lives.

3.    Natyanjali Dance Festival

Natyanjali means dancers dedicating their art of dance. The artists pay their respect to Lord Shiva. The festival is celebrated at the beginning of MahaShivratri and it continues for 5 days. The different artists are dressed in colourful attires and perform their dance. The people come from different countries and states to perform and watch this dance performed in Chidambaram’s temple.

4.    Thaipusam

Thaipusam is a festival that is celebrated as birth anniversary of Kartikeya the son of Lord Shiva. Festival is celebrated in February every year. The penance and devotes wear fakir dress and beg for money or food and then they give it to charity and in temples. Piercing is done in the body with sharp objects without hurting oneself.

5.    Mahamaham Festival

Mahaman festival in Tamil Nadu is celebrated every 12 years. It is a bathing ceremony that is believed to cleanse one of their sins. The festival takes place in Kumbakonam and thousands of devotees take a dip in Mahamaham tank. This festival is considered one of the top spiritual festivals of southern India. 22nd Feb 2016 was the last time this festival was celebrated.

6.    Tyagaraja Festival

Tyagaraja festival is celebrated in the month of January every year. People in Tamil Nadu gather near river Cauvery and play music, sings to hope for the rain. This festival is worshipped in the memory of AntharangaSishya saint of Thyagaraja. The festival is celebrated for five days Aradhana festival that includes harikathas and concert.
7.    KarthigaiDeepam
Karthigaideepam is celebrated in the Tamil month of karthigai (November or December). Karthigai festival is the festival of lamps celebrated after Diwali. It is a belief that the lighting of oil lamps brings positivity and warden’s away negative energy. KarthigaiDeepam is observed on full moon day in the month of karthika.

8.    Bhogi Festival

Bhogi festival is celebrated with discarding everything that is old and thus brings new fortunes and prosperity in life. Festival is celebrated on the last day of Tamil month of margazhi. Bhogi festival is dedicated to Lord Indra. Farmers worship Lord Indra to seek blessings for a good harvest. People celebrate Bhogi by discarding old things and clean their houses and decorate with marigold flower, mango leaves, and new things.

9.    VaikuntaEkadesi

VaikuntaEkadesi is celebrated Margali month in Tamil Nadu. Festival is celebrated in a grand manner in VittalapuramPandurangaVittaleshwara Temple in Tamil Nadu. Lord Panduranga is decorated with jewelry and flower garlands.

10.    AadiPerukku

Many people gather on the river Cauvery to celebrate this festival. The festival is celebrated to show the gratitude to the Cauvery River for sustaining prosperity. Festival is celebrated in the month of July-August. Women’s perform AadiPerukkupooja in the banks of a river. People take a holy dip in the river and wear new clothes.


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