Significance of Respiratory Therapists and Their Most Common Types

Respiration or breathing is one of the primary functions of the human body and nobody can live without it. An adequate supply of oxygen in the blood is necessary to stay conscious and alive. Lungs are the dedicated organs meant for respiration but sometimes you feel discomfort while breathing in. There are multiple reasons behind the dysfunctioning of the respiration system. Some of them temporary whereas others are chronic. The temporary reasons for respiration problems are inflammation, common cold & sinusitis. On the other hand, long term respiration issues involve allergies, asthma & pollution. Whether the reason is temporary or chronic, blockage of just a few seconds can be lethal. Therefore, you need the assistance of a respiratory therapist holding adequate experience in solving breathing problems.

The major duties of a respiratory therapist are:-
  1. Examining the condition of the patient.
  2. Make treatment plans.
  3. Executing diagnostic tests of lungs & windpipe.
  4. Combine different therapies to obtain fast results.
  5. Educate patients and their guardians regarding the treatment procedure in an emergency.

Types of respiratory therapy service providers

1. Pediatric respiratory therapist
If newborn or small kids are facing a cardiopulmonary issue, pediatric respiratory therapists are there to help. They are trained to handle the delicate respiration system of a newborn with utmost care under respiratory care programs in Memphis Tennessee. Any kind of congestion in the chest, lungs, windpipe or nostril can be a life-threat for kids because their respiration system is very week. Therefore, pediatric respiratory therapists provide their services in hospitals as well as residential locations too.

2. Adult respiratory therapist
The adult respiratory therapists have to deal with numerous issues with respiration. Most of their problems with adults occur due to the wrong lifestyle and polluted environment. The most common respiratory issues with adults are cystic fibrosis, emphysema & asthma.

3. Geriatric respiratory therapist
Elders suffering from respiration problem need a certified respiratory therapist in Tennessee holding prior experience of dealing with this age issues. As the body grows old, the potential of its organs also starts decreasing. The respiration system of old people become weaker due to the low immunity against the outer environment.  

4. Emergency respiratory therapist
In case of emergency, the experts of advanced respiratory care in Memphis are essential to take care of the patient. Generally, these therapists are needed in hospitals where doctors need RT assistance during critical operations. A person of any age may need the assistance of an emergency respiratory therapist.

Respiration is an integral part of keeping a body alive, therefore, you cannot compromise with medical services when it comes to the breathing issues. The need for respiratory therapy in Memphis Tennessee may persist to anyone in any age.

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