Mira Hair Oil for Hair Growth in May 2019

Are you Skeptical about Mira Hair Oil?... I know I was!

Long, luscious hair, thick, vibrant and shiny, it all sounded so good I thought it might be a scam, but after reading so many rave reviews I decided to take the plunge. I didn't expect it to work but for once I am happy to say I was wrong... This stuff is AMAZING!
mira oil for hair growth

Mira Hair Oil for Hair Growth

First, let me tell you about my hair type, that is, the hair I used to have before I discovered the miracle that's Mira hair tonic (I surprise if that is wherever the name comes from MIRAcle). Anyway, my hair ne'er decorated abundantly below my shoulders, it was brittle, lifeless and dry and would take forever to grow.

The split ends were so bad, and my hair was so frizzy that some days I literally looked like one of those pencil-topper trolls after it had had been whirled around and the hair was sticking out all over the place.

You might think I'm exaggerating, but I'm not. I didn't have a bad hair day. I just had bad hair. Hundreds of dollars worth of moisturizing shampoo, intense conditioners, leave in treatments and more didn't help. A few made my hair greasy; some made it more brittle, and some just did nothing. That's why I was so skeptical about yet another hair wonder-worker. I thought my hair was beyond repair, but everyone else loves Mira hair growth oil so I decided to try again to tame the beast (it really did make me feel like a beast).

Now comes the shocker - it worked. Mira Hair Growth Oil worked on my hopeless head of frizz. If you knew me before I tried this stuff you would know if it can work for me it can work for anyone. What did it do? It's more like what didn't it do. Well, okay - it didn't do the dishes for me, but it did everything I could possibly want a hair product to do.

After the very first use, I noticed a difference. When I washed and dried my hair the next morning it was a bit smoother. It didn't shine yet, but it was ever so slightly less frizzy. This was encouraging, so I kept using it. And I kept being amazed. Every single time I used it, there was an ever so slight improvement. After only three weeks my hair had tamed dramatically. While I couldn't say it had a lustrous shine yet, I didn't feel like a troll doll and it did shine a bit.

I knew I was on the right track when I met my sister for lunch, a few weeks after I began using Mira herbals hair oil. I hadn't seen her for months and the first thing she said was "I love your new hairstyle!" She insisted on knowing what salon I went to - and even accused me of lying when I said I hadn't had my hair done. I told her all about Mira Hair Oil, but she still eyed me skeptically. When she finally conceded that she noticed it was longer, and a salon couldn't do that unless I got extensions, I was really shocked. Looking at it every day I hadn’t even realized it was growing. My hair simply does not grow, so I wasn't even watching for length. After careful review within the mirror that night I noticed she was right. Mira Hair Oil made my hair grow. It accomplished the impossible.

After several weeks my hair was no longer frizzy, it was getting shiny, it actually felt soft and best of all it was growing. Wow. For my hair, this was beyond a miracle, but don't think my Mira Hair Oil story stops there. I'm just getting started. Does Mira Hair Oil work? Absolutely... this stuff is amazing!

I was very happy with the progress I made in the first three months. Now fast forward three more months.

After only six months my hair had that mystical elusive quality known as luster. I thought that was way beyond me, I was wrong. At this point my hair hung about eight inches below my shoulders, It was smooth and shiny, when I turned my head it flowed like silk.

After only 6 months of using Mira Hair Oil

It was at about this time that I really started to notice one of the great, unadvertised benefits of the Mira Hair Oil treatments. I noticed men flirting more, they were asking me out on dates in record numbers. When that cute guy who has worked in the office down the hall for three years finally noticed me I almost fainted. When he picked me up for our first date he said how nice I looked - especially that long beautiful hair, then I realized I had Mira Hair Oil to thank for my new social life. It was also the first time in my life anyone had ever called my hair long and beautiful, I thought I was in seventh heaven.

After eight months of using Mira herbals grow hair oil as directed came yet another milestone, even if it was an uncomfortable milestone, I was giddy. I began having trouble with my hair getting trapped between the chair back and my own back, not just at work. The relatively high backs on the office chairs had been doing this for some time but this was my dining room chairs. You have never seen my dining room, but I have those stylish low backed chairs. I never dreamed my hair would even touch the chair back, then suddenly when I sat down and leaned back my hair was trapped, it was kind of funny!

After eight and a half months of using this magic oil, my hair is still getting better. It has now grown more than TWELVE inches below my shoulders. I never dreamed I could have hair this long - and the best part is I don't know when it will stop, it's still getting longer, it's still getting tamer and shinier. It is so thick I now have trouble brushing. It is so strong I have no more broken strands and split ends, it's better every day. It's also softer every day - at least that is what my boyfriend (of two months now) keeps telling me.

Finally, every product review seems to give some advice and cautions for people thinking about trying the product. So, do you want my best advice regarding Mira Hair Oil? Don't wait another day to try it. If you think a bottle of oil can't change your life, you haven't tried Mira Hair Oil. Give it a try - I bet you'll be as happy to be proven wrong as I was. 

mira hair oil

Pros: All natural, No side effects, Easy to use, Pleasant aroma, Very affordable with a 100% money back guarantee, and best of all... It Works!

Cons: None that I can think of except that I found their web site to be cheesy and amateurish, it almost appeared to be scammy, I think this is due to the fact that they are not native English speaking, therefore, there are many spelling and grammatical errors, but if you can get past that you'll see that Mira Hair Oil is absolutely amazing!

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