Linux Operating System for Your PC

Linux Torvalds was created Linux in 1991  when he was a student at the University of Helsinki. You can see the Linux operating system in everywhere from Smartphone to cars, from computers to home appliances. Linux operating system is situated in your phones, in your cars, in your refrigerator, in your freezer, and most Linux mainly runs on the internet.

What is Linux operating system?

Like Windows XP, Windows 7, Mac OS X, Windows 8 Linux is an operating system. Linux is the best known and an open source of another operating system. It is an operating system that situated underneath of all other software on a computer. Receiving request from other program and it send those request to the computer’s hardware and it manages all hardware system that associated with laptop and computer. It controls the communication systems between hardware and software and without this operating system your software would not be able to function.

Core part of Linux operating system:


Linux operating system beats of all other operating systems because of it is very handy software that can be used to install in your pc. Linux distributes various apps store that can simply install applications and it allows you quickly search app among the thousands of apps.

The Shell:

The shell is the command process that allows the users to control the computer through the via commands that put into the text field. In modern desktop of Linux, there is no need to touch the command line.


Daemon is the main character behind the background services like scheduling, printing, sound system etc and that can kick off during boot of your desktop.

The Kernel:

The kernel is the powerhouse of the system as it controls the memory, CPU and other device and it is the lowest system of the operating system.

Graphical Server:

It is a powerful sub-system that shows you the graphics on your monitor’s screen and it is called X system.

Boot loader:

 Boot the loader is the magic wand that works behind the boot system of your computer.

Desktop Environment:

The desktop environment is the puzzle pieces that the users face and there are many desktop environments that you can choose such as GNOME, KDE, XFCE, Enlightenment, unity, cinnamon etc. It can build various applications.

What is the distribution of Linux operating system?

Most popular distribution of Linux are:

Red Hat:

Linux is an organization that spends some dollars to getting the red hat support and it was the perfect choice for the Linux team. 


Picking up of Fedora is the perfect the decision of Linux team because Fedora is the latest technology that people are interested in testing with modern technologies.


The most primary operating system comes from Debian project and some other popular distributions like Knoppix, Linspire, distro ubuntu etc depend on Debian.

Cent OS:

CentOS is the distribution that fully depends on red hat Linux.


For most users, ubuntu is the friendly operating system distribution because it can be used both in work and home.

Installing Linux operating system:

The installing of many other operating systems in your desktop is may be very difficult, but the installing of Linux operating system is very easy. Most versions of Linux offer you live distribution and you can run CD/DVD or USB flash drive without changing your hard drive. First, you should prepare the installing system if you want to install third-party software like mp3 playback, video codec etc then it asks from you to give permission.

If you use a laptop then you should need to connect the network to download third-party software and updates. Hard drive allows you to select the operating system what you want to install and you should select the location from the map. Next, you should select the keyboard layout system and then you 

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