10 Ways Instagram Can Increase Your Brand Awareness

Every company talks about social media marketing and its goal when the journey kick starts. The Brand style guide of a company mentions the tone, style and content ideas of social media in a separate head, which portrays the importance of the same. Most successful companies have a social media team sitting at work, brainstorming ideas during meetings.

Increase for Your Brand Awareness

10 Ways Instagram Can Increase Your Brand Awareness

A good part of marketing budgets are kept aside for social media and various digital marketing courses are now a mandatory part of every marketing college curriculum. With the internet reaching more people, mobile phones becoming more accessible and education becoming more feasible, Brands only expect the number of social media users to increase.

With that purple bright background based camera icon like logo, Instagram has become a Brand which now exists to service Brands. It's a top contender amongst social media platforms for marketing and branding options. Considering how Instagram is a platform where 60% users say that they discover new products, it should not be underestimated as the possibly best way to Increase your Brand awareness.

It can increase engagement, reach which increases revenue via sales. You could use Instagram to increase your followers, post about contests or giveaways, attract users to your new YouTube ad campaign or just to make a new name as a Start-up in a tough industry. Does it seem a lot? Well, here’s a quick guide for you create brand awareness via Instagram:

1) Hashtags

A very unique feature of Instagram is its hashtag feature. As a Brand, you should first and foremost work on generating a unique hashtag for your brand and also enlist a few common Hashtags that are relevant to your product. These hashtags should be specific, short, simple and eye-catching. Instagram allows you to use hashtags in almost every content that you post. A follower can always search a hashtag and discover your post under the category of the same. This automatically increases discoverability and audience reach. This also gives your customers to use something that connects their posts about your product to your profile. It makes them feel like they are a priority, which they always are and should be.

2) Influencers

Instagram gives every brand the privilege of thriving on influencers. Social media influencers on Instagram exists because the audience trusts their opinion and inputs. Instead of hiring a celebrity, multiple Instagram influencers from multiple fields like food or photography can help you engage with a bigger audience and generate for Brand awareness. Not only do they promote your product without being overly promotional, but they also help in generating original and innovative content that suits their follower base. With companies spending more than 1 billion dollars on influencer campaigns last year, their importance should be very well known.

3) Eye-grabbing Content

With 33% of the most popular Instagram stories being generated by Businesses, it's the perfect blend to create content that gets the attention. You could post stories, posts with catchy taglines or text messages or have your own Livestream. 500 million users access the stories feature every day and your brand certainly does not want to be left behind in the race. Interactive live streams like the one Shein uses can also be a bonus. Good content which is easy to develop due to Instagram's features makes the world know your stronghold and Brand value. You can use online tools to create eye-grabbing Instagram graphics. The right tone and consistency in posting can make you more popular. However, don't ever over-post. Maintain a frequency and prefer quality over quantity. Also, remember the human brain processes an image 60000 times faster than any text. Customers value their own time and a Brand should value it as well.

4) Cross promotion

Instagram is closely tied up with other social media platforms, it gives you the option to multitask via one single post. You can always share your one Instagram post, well edited and trendy post to other platforms and engage with all audiences across all platforms. Moreover, you could also opt for the Instagram advertising feature which uses Facebook based data to posts relevant advertisements to interested parties to increase your product's discoverability. It's like you promoting your Instagram account everywhere and having Brand promotion as a direct effect.

5) Bio-Links

One of the minor differences between Instagram and other social media platforms is the privilege of posting a hyperlink with your posts. Instagram only allows a hyperlink to be available on the bio/profile description of an account. Hence, with 20% users, which is more than 200 million users, visiting a business profile daily, a good profile with a hyperlink that takes the customers to your company's world, this increases your chances of getting discovered and having online sales.

6) Follower feedbacks

With the mighty reach of Instagram and the constant high range of activity and a good follower base allows you to always receive some sort of feedback. Even if you don't ask for it. Followers tend to comment about their issues or their appreciation for your product on posts. Sometimes they share your posts talking about what it means for them. Other times, you could always have a post specifically created to ask for any interesting feedbacks for improvement and watch your message folder get filled with responses. Making Customers feel that their input matters to your Brand automatically increases their desire to visit your profile or support your product.

7) Multi spread demographics

With over 1 billion active users on Instagram, as of February 2019, the biggest advantage for your brand is the variety of viewers and customers it can reach. With around 64% of users being young adults between 18-34, this is the perfect platform to impact their lives and increase awareness for your product. Moreover, the remaining 36% forming the above 35 range, it's one of the few platforms where you can use online marketing to interact with this category of viewers. Then, you have country wise demographics, gender-wise demographics and area wise too. All of this allows you to be specific and target the kind of audience you want to grab the attention of via your posts. For example, if you are a bookstore, you could really benefit from posting about the genre of books available for different age groups with inside shots of customers buying the same.

8) Instagram tools

Instagram has a vast set of different features for a reason. It has its own filters and stickers you can use during posting stories or images, to improve quality and make things more interesting. Moreover, Instagram has the offer of a business profile for a reason. You could use analytical tools to understand your post's and profile's reach, views and clicks. Instagram has its own analytical tools available called Insights to ease the process. This gives you a statistical idea about your brand awareness among your followers and points out exactly where you are missing the mark.

9) Learn from what you see

Instagram is already the hub for numerous brands and their accounts. Instagram already has 2 million advertisers and 25 million business profiles. Talk about Starbucks, Netflix, Ernst, and Young or even Celebrities. Everyone is bringing their own A-game to have more engagement with viewers on Instagram. You would definitely find a company in your relevant field of work already existing and creating their Brand on Instagram. Instagram allows you to learn from all of these accounts, free of cost to help you generate your own engaging work. Moreover, you could always see what your followers are posting about your products to get some inspiration. Moreover, there is an Instagram for a business blog that you could subscribe to, to understand the ropes better.

10) Good cause tie-ups

Since there is a huge range of business profiles available and almost every brand uses the Instagram platform, it's the best place for any Brand to forge tie-ups and build relationships. Without having any additional travel or offline costs, a Brand can tie-up with a non-profit organization or another relevant company for mutual posts to reach the audiences of both brands at the same time. For example,  if you are a travel agency, you can always tie up with Hotel Brand and have both accounts post content to promote both Brands. Or if you are a restaurant chain, you could tie-up with non-profit organizations that distribute food to the poor and talk about how you are fulfilling your social responsibility. A good cause and a genuine tie-up connects better with a larger pool of customers and increases goodwill.

This is just a small list of how Instagram can help your Brand reach great heights. Learn from Mike's #runfree hashtag, Netflix's sarcastic posts or Zomato's food imagery. Watch how top IT and finance companies use videos or employee testimonials on Instagram, short and simple ones to put their best foot forward. Instagram, without any word limits, content limits or additional costs can change your social marketing world in an instant. Have a behind the scenes video or series of content during an event or competition can also increase your marketing points.

However, these are just inspirations, you, ofcourse, know your brand better, you know your audience better and so ultimately you would know what would work the best for your people. So just put your best foot forward in this world of images and watch how it turns your company into a brand!

Author bioPrince Kapoor is a seasoned Marketing Analyst and Blogger at https://www.viralchilly.com/. With his skills, he has been helping fellow marketers and brands worldwide.

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