How To Improve Sleep During Pregnancy?

Getting good sleep during pregnancy is a dream for every expecting
mother. Thanks to the hormonal changes, your sleep will be interrupted every day during pregnancy. Your sleeping patterns will change and will result in a troubled sleep routine. Memory foam mattresses from Wakefit will be a good choice for getting better sleep during pregnancy. The first trimester of the pregnancy is the difficult part where you will be dealing with many health issues along with sleeping issues. Here are some ways to get some uninterrupted sleep while pregnant.

Less Fluid Intake

One of the most common reasons for sleep interruption during the first trimester is the regular visits to the bathroom. The hormone progesterone increases the support to the expanding uterus which will give more pressure to the bladder. This pressure increases your urge to visit the bathroom frequently during the night. This will not only interrupt your sleep but also makes you tired the next day. To avoid this situation it is advised to drink fluids during day time and limit the intake before bedtime.

Daytime Sleeping

The hormonal changes during pregnancy can make you feel weak and tired. The hormone progesterone is the one to blame for as it weakens your sleep quality and at the same time it is essential for the fetus to grow. In order to compensate your poor sleep at night, start sleeping during the daytime whenever possible. In this way, you will be able to provide the body the adequate sleep, even though in bits.

Feed The Body Well

In early pregnancy, if you feel hungry during midnight, know that you are not the only one with this issue. Hunger cramps can come anytime during your sleep and interrupt it. So it is a good habit to chew on some light snacks before you hit the sack. Make sure that you opt for healthy food such as warm milk, which can improve your sleep, or a handful of nuts, a banana, or some whole-grain crackers. If you have nausea which is otherwise known as morning sickness, then try eating salted biscuits or crackers.

Finding The Right Sleeping Position

If you are a back sleeper, then pregnancy is the right time to start practicing side sleeping. Sore and tender breast is one of the major symptoms of pregnancy and it can aggravate sleeping problems. Doctors advise pregnant women to start sleeping on their left side as it will increase the blood flow to the fetus and the uterus. You should give proper support to the head and neck using a comfortable pillow. Proper body posture can be maintained while side sleeping by keeping a pillow between your knees as it will support your lower back and gives comfortable sleep.

Relax Yourself

Your body temperature will vary each day because of the hormonal changes. It is important to sleep in the room with the right temperature. It is the partner’s responsibility to give the expectant mother good sleep rather than considering their own sleep benefit. A room temperature of 18 degrees is considered as the best to get a good sleep. If you feel more hot and sweaty, try keeping a fan near you so that the body temperature can be reduced.

Lack of sleep during the first trimester can be exhausting. Waking up during midnight while pregnant is a common thing. Your baby will stay unaffected due to the midnight awakening.  However, you can lessen the number of times to get up by taking a warm bath, having warm milk, and even trying some relaxation techniques like yoga. As the pregnancy continues, all the sleep issues will pass and you can start the preparations to welcome your little munchkin.

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