How to Apply Kajal Perfectly? - Complete Tips for long lasting kajal

Just a stroke on both lids and you get an amazing look. You guessed it right. Kajal is one among the eye makeup products to swoon over because it accentuates the most dramatic feature of our face. From simple to funky, stroke of kajal can change the way you look. Just take a peek in the mirror and see the difference kajal makes to eye contour.

How to Apply Kajal Perfectly

It defines, it shapes and it adds glamor to pair of eyes that always demand a makeover – be it a work or be it at a dance floor. Good quality, smudge-free kajal can double up as eyeliner. Hence, you do not need to invest on two makeup products.

If you opt for inexpensive kajal pencils from the beauty products market, which are non-water resistant, the black outline is sure to get smudged soon after wearing the eye makeup.

Master the Lovely Ways of Applying Kajal

Play around with black or colored kajal strokes on the eyelids. You can create stunning dramatic effects with multiple ways of applying kajal or kohl:
       Smudged Look - to give a smokey effect
       Colored Looks - to complement black kohl with shades like brown, blue or purple
       Reverse Smokey Look – where concentration of kajal is more on the lower lash than the upper.
       Bold and Winged Look – kajal pencil (and not liquid eyeliner) is best for drawing the wing
       Upper Waterline Look - to lend dimension and make eyes look bright and beautiful.

Learn How to Apply Kajal Perfectly

Wearing makeup on eyes in indeed an art. A little mistake in the stroke can spoil the look. What you need to learn is the perfect way to apply kajal to get a marvellous look.  It needs patience and practice.

You can do a little bit of experimentation stuff with eyes. Try out the different eye makeup look with kajal pencil. Be your own judge or take an opinion poll from family members to come to a conclusion which type suits you best.

Follow the simple steps to master the art of kajal application:

       Make a stroke on lower waterline of eye. Start from the outer corner and proceed inward.
       Layer up the stroke by repeating the process
       If you desire a smokey look, smudge the applied kajal with a smudging brush.

       Stroke the upper waterline with kajal pencil, close to the root of the lashes. This instantly makes eyelashes look bigger and thicker.
       Close your eyes and apply kajal strokes to intensify the look of the upper eyelid.
       You can intensify the look of eyebrows with kajal pencil to create a more defined look.

You need to prep up face before eye makeup to add oomph tor your eye makeup.

Good Skin and Great Eye Makeup Complement Each Other

Eye makeup will fail to impress if you do not have a healthy skin. You need to keep skin hydrated and replenished with daily moisturizing routine. Buy best face moisturizer and best eyeliner in India because inexpensive products can breed eye irritations and infections.
Before eye makeup clean up the face with natural and organic face cleansing wash, rinse thoroughly and pat dry. This is essential because excess oil on face can smudge kajal easily and leave black blotches. Then get your face moisturized. Only then you can start with your eye makeup session with kajal and eyeliner. Using concealers is good because it hides imperfections underneath the eyes.

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