How Ayurveda can help you cope up with arthritis

An ancient form of medicine that emerged in India is arthritis. To foster good health it encourages exercise, diet along with medication for good health. A combination of certain nutrients with supplements as part of modern medicine would help you cope up with arthritis. There are some ayurvedic medicine for arthritis pain that eradicates the symptoms and helps to reduce progression.

How Ayurveda can help you cope up with arthritis

Minerals along with vitamins

Intake of a healthy diet is important for good health as it would help you to cope up with symptoms of arthritis. Apart from supplements, you might feel the need to add certain minerals or vitamins on to your diet to ensure a balanced intake of various nutrients. Do check out with your doctor as based on your nutritional needs certain minerals or vitamins may be harmful when you consume it in large amounts.

The natural treatment options

A combination of natural treatment would help to reduce pain and any type of discomfort with the swelling. Even you can use them for relaxation
A combination of hot and cold therapy
Heat would improve circulation along with flexibility along with ease of movement. Some of the treatment measures include

  • ·         Sauna
  • ·         Hot tub
  • ·         Baths or warm shower
  • ·         Any hot water bottle that is applied for close to 20 minutes

In case if you are suffering from high blood pressure or heart disease you should not use sauna. One more option is to go for a partial ice bath. Arthritis  ayurvedic remedies suggests you can opt for a combination of hot and cold therapy.
Any cold or hot applications needs to be used with a lot of care. The reason being they can cause skin damage.


Massage would lead to an improvement in joint function and at the same timer restores short term and long term joint function. Sleep and anxiety would be reduced as well.
Just check out with your doctor the kind of massage that is safe for you. In case if you are receiving a flare up you should not opt for a massage. This is considering if you are suffering from blood clots or if your joints turn out to be sensitive.


The use of aromatherapy leads to a combination of mental and physical changes. These set of essential oils can be used with your bath or even through a diffuser you can use them.
In case if you are planning to use diluted oil to your skin you might have to does a skin patch test first? Rub a small portion of the oil inside your forearm and see how it feels

To conclude consider the views of your doctor, before planning out new regime as part of your treatment procedure. The moment you feel any issues it is better to discontinue with the symptoms or it can be a situation where the symptoms could even go on to worsen.
Just consider this as complimentary form of treatments. At no point you should use them in place of a doctor approved arthritis plan.

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