Helpful Tips to Keep Your Office Clean

The office work station is the place where you spend most of your weekdays. It is bound to get dirty. But it is also the place which needs daily thorough cleaning because working in an unhygienic environment is unhealthy. If you can spend 10 minutes before wrapping up for the day to tidy up the desk and keep the files and papers in their designated place then nothing like it! Apart from the desk the office trash also needs to be taken out daily because it can be the breeding ground of germs. So, get a janitor for the job or take out the trash before leaving every evening.

Helpful Tips to Keep Your Office Clean

A clear desk reflects an organized state of mind and a high amount of efficiency at work. It also helps in concentrating on your work, be less stressful and more productive.
Here are some effective tips which can help you keep your work station clean and sparkling.

·         Designated time to clean desk:

This is crucial for maintaining a clean workstation and bringing order to the entire mess created daily. Pick a time either at the beginning of the day or at the end of it. Organise the table and clear away bits and pieces of paper. Throw away useless papers and empty pens. Reorder the to-do list and answer mails that you have been meaning to complete for some time.

·         Resist procrastination:

Don’t put off the cleaning or filing for another day. It takes up crucial energy to get acquainted with the same things time and again.

·         Put into files:

Filing is very important if you want to create an order on the desk. Use coloured files for different projects or even to arrange them according to importance. Organise them in such a way that you can get the things of importance on the very top.

·         Organising the computer:

Your desktop or laptop is an extension of your desk and it needs to be cleaned likewise. Create folders and subfolders along with dates so that the files can be found easily. Your mailbox also needs to be made clutter-free and all the spam mails deleted. You can also colour-code the mails according to importance. Clear all the downloaded files and keep the ones that you really need. Avoid pasting folders and work on the desktop because that will not make it unnecessarily heavy and cause it to crash. An uncluttered desktop also looks neat.

·         Digitise things:

Paper-free offices are usually much cleaner and save a lot of space. Storing everything digitally is a great way of saving misutilisation of energy. This is because you are working on the computer for the greater part of the day. So, storing and saving files becomes convenient and easy.

·         Stack smartly:

Some people find it easier to work if the essential items are kept in front of them. While others can function better if the desk is completely clear. Keep the papers in such a way that the present task is kept on the top. It is easier to reach out and keep in mind.

·         Arrange the knick-knacks:

Productivity in the office depends on the kind of arrangement you have on the table. Some people draw motivation from a well-arranged desk with pictures of family and friends or even the favourite destination. Others prefer religious pictures or elements while another set of people might prefer unfinished tasks stuck to their soft boards for the reminder. The motivational techniques vary from one person to another and the tables should be arranged in such a way.

·         Avoid food near the work station:

Food is extremely useful for keeping up energy levels. But to save time you often eat while typing away on the keyboard. It saves time, undoubtedly. But what about the bread crumbs that keep piling inside the keyboard? Not just the crumbs even a little bit of ketchup on the keys will make them sticky and form the perfect canvas for bacteria and microbes to grow. The germs present inside the office love to stick to all the sticky points around your work station and pollute the environment. Therefore, regular cleaning of the keyboard crevices is a must if you want to maintain a clean environment. The longer the stains remain on the mouse, tablet or keyboard, the harder will it be to remove them.

·         Disinfect the carpet weekly:

The office is abuzz all through the week and there is hardly any time for a thorough cleaning. However, on weekends you must ensure that the carpets and curtains are cleaned or vacuumed properly. The office is where you spend most of your waking hours to ensure that it is as clean and hygienic as possible. The doorknobs, keyboards, telephones, and armrests should be wiped with a disinfectant weekly.

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