Certificate Apostille – A process to prove the authenticity of documents

The attestation of documents and certificates is the process of verifying the originality of a document and affirming its authenticity and originality by attaching it with the seal and signature of the verifying personnel. The apostille attestation of documents and certificates is done to enable the papers to get furnished as legal documents whenever needed and nobody can doubt their originality.  Just like attestation of documents and certificates, apostille of documents is done to ensure the authenticity of the documents. Be it certificate apostille in Delhi or anywhere in India, you have to get it done timely to make the attestation process simple.

A process to prove the authenticity of documents 

The process of certificate apostille is a sign indicating the originality of the documents beyond any doubt. During the process of apostille attestation, the photocopies of the certificates and documents in addition to the original ones are presented before the concerned department or authority who check it for the originality with great care. Therefore, certificate and document attestation can be seen as a declaration by an authority that the certificate submitted is in accordance with all legal formalities in their presence. The document apostille attestation is often mentioned in the legal papers like will or deed to make sure that the furnished certificates and documents are valid and not fake or duplicate. In addition, the papers are attested by fulfilling all the legal apostille attestation criteria in the personal presence of a witness.

Though the procedure of document apostille is the same, it might vary depending on the purpose of the visit and where it has to be used. Also, the apostille attestation process might vary depending on the country you want to travel to. The country where the paper has to be submitted plays an important role in the process of attestation. For instance, apostille attestation of documents and certificates for use in the consulate of embassies is carried out by the Government of India. The Human Resource Development Department (HRD) and the Ministry of External Affairs are different departments that are responsible for managing the entire certificate apostille process in India.

·         Apostille of documents can be classified into three types on the basis of their usage. Educational documents that include all types of degrees, documents and certificates issued by the respective college, university, council or board.
·         Non-educational certificates are in great demand and include papers such as marriage, birth, divorce, transfer, and death certificate. It also includes experience proof and other occasions where provisional document is needed.

·         Secondary documents are the type of papers that include selection letter, registration details, transcripts, passport copy, mark lists and photo. The number of types of secondary documents might vary depending on the nation of the applicant.
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