5 Ways to Show Confidence in Positive Body Language gestures

Do you know how essential good body language is and how would you describe a positive body language? We all subconsciously know its importance, but we just ignore it. Don’t you remember analyzing a person’s body language first impressions when you meet them? Well, I’m sure you must have tried it on your juniors and seniors at your school, college or university.
So, yes, It’s pretty much true that we can predict someone’s character through a thorough analysis of their personality. We can say that our positive body language is a silent form of messaging or communication with all those we interact. Like those times when we want to convey a secret message to our friends, we use various signals and bodily expressions to convey the message. Thus, a good body language is very much essential to show your confidence to others and earn their respect and trust.

Here are some Good Body Language Examples:-


Since our childhood we have often heard from our elders, be it our mother, father, teacher or an elder friend, to “Stand Straight”. Well, we didn’t understand the purpose of their nagging but now we should know the reason behind it. Our posture and its firmness portray a lot about our personality. Observe the Army personnel, how straight do they stand and why do they do so? Some of us find standing straight very difficult, why? It is because we prefer to be at ease and stand in a relaxed manner. There is nothing complicated about standing straight other than getting used to it. Thus, your standing posture plays a significant role in conveying your confident, attitude, just try it out as it is a big step to confident body posture.


 Many amongst us don’t like to socialize with others. Hence, when someone extends a hand towards them for the handshake, they get nervous, and their hand begins to tremble. Now that is not a good signal to the person with whom you are interacting. Why should be afraid to meet people? They all are like us, so be confident and give them a firm and strong handshake. And yes, try not to crush their hand with your handshake.  Also, remember to not hold someone’s hand for too long because that becomes quite weird. It’s a lot to digest, I know, but get it right and it will add up to your excellent & positive body language.

3.       DON’T FIDGET:-

While talking with other people you should make proper use of hand gestures. Neither be overtly expressive nor be seated like a talking wax statue. People who don’t use hand gestures at all, convey wrong signals that they are worried. While those who use their hands excessively express themselves as excited and one-breath people (Those who complete their whole speech at a go without pauses). So keep yourself calm and relaxed, and don’t shake your legs while talking, most of us make that mistake. Thus, avoiding fidgeting will also add up to your good body language.

4.       HEAD UP, EYES AHEAD:-

This is another one of the examples of positive body language to show your confidence of any people, higher authority & famous Celebrity. Some guys lower their gaze while walking amongst people. The reason behind is their low confidence and self-esteem, such low self-esteem discourages others to confide in you, and that is why you must always walk with your head up and eyes ahead. Show them all that you’re nowhere less than them. Also, when you lower your gaze while talking to someone, it signals to them that you don’t want to be in the conversation with them. So, keep this in mind and inculcate it within your already developing good body language to enhance your personality.


 You are going to a party with good looks with dressing sense & Hand bags but with no good party wear, then who would want see you there? No one! All the aforementioned tips were for grooming your personality. But, to completely enhance your style, you’ll require external grooming too. With the appropriate grooming, I bet, it would be a piece of cake to get noticed amongst the crowd. So, along with the good body language, work on your dressing as well.

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