5 Genius Glass Board Hacks to Engage Kids in Learning with Fun

Do you want to raise your child while keeping him engaged in learning? The popularity of TV, DVD, play station and videos are dragging our kids away from creativity and imagination. Instead, keeping them engaged in creative and innovative tasks inspires them to learn and grow.
So, teach your kids to do imaginative and creative plays and help them grow the right way. Wondering how? Glass boards are here to help you. You can utilize a glass board in the number of ways to help children learn with fun.
In this article, we have described some genius glass board hacks to engage your kids in learning with fun.

5 Genius Glass Board Hacks to Engage Kids in Learning with Fun 

  1. Get Nutty, let’s Draw
Kids just love to draw. You can use a coloured glass board to teach children how to draw. Using coloured marker is another amazing way to draw colourful objects to teach kids.
Draw shapes and name them. Then extend shapes to make fun structures and designs, and make a set of shapes. Colour each set and teach your child the name of colours. For instance, you can draw a set of random animals and colour them red, green or yellow and so on.
Drawing is a great fun game, allowing you to create amusing patterns and play games. You can draw a small, medium and large size objects and ask children to match them. For instance, draw a small apple and large apple, small orange, and large orange-then ask your child to match similar sizes or opposite sizes.
You can use the drawing tool in various ways to help the child learn like drawing body parts, shapes of letters, fruit, animals and a lot more. Encouraging your child to draw random shapes or to redraw shapes is a fun way to learn.

2.                   Engage with Letters  

Learning letters is fun! You can boost the creativity of your kid with the help of alphabets. Simply, writer the upper case and lower case alphabets, then ask your children to match similar upper and lower-case.
You can also write them in alphabetic order and say their sound with kids. Once your kid learns the names and sounds of alphabets- have them practice words for each letter like ‘a’ for ‘apple’, ‘c’ for a cat and so on.
Another amazing hack is to teach your children to write letters. Either write a letter and tell your child to overwrite it or to rewrite it. You can do the same process to make them learn numbers.

3.                   Let Your Children Write

Writing is another amazing yet fun hack to keep your child engaged. It also gets you some time for rest or does your job peacefully.
 Encouraging your children to write improves their vision and imagination. Either write a quote at the top of the glass board and teach your kid to rewrite it or allow him to practice random writing. This way, your child will learn how to write and his thinking capacity will also enhance.

4.                   Don’t Tell, Show Them

An eco-friendly glass board is the best tool to tell stories to your children. When telling some story to your child, draw its imaginative figures on the glass board and ask your child to pay attentiveness to it. Then, ask your kid to tell the same story with the help of figures.
The best way is to tell the same story in creative ways like altering the names like a dog to cat, pen to pencil, end to finish and so on. It helps the child to learn the vocabulary in a creative way.  
To grow the imagination of your child, let him/her make his own stories and describe them with the help of figures- an amazing way to learn valuable skills with fun.

5.                   Make it Busy

Thanks to the clear magnetic glass boards that allow you to stick toys and object to its surface, allowing your child to play and learn. You can use magnetic boards to display a variety of objects and toys like pencils, eraser, dummy telephone, and calculator and a lot more. Teach your kid the name of each accessory, then tell him/her to touch the object and repeat its name.
Don’t forget to display emojis and smiles as children love them. You can also display a tiny mirror that will amaze kid to see his/her face- as glass and mirror make the best match.

Bottom Line

Glass board is an incredible tool to help parent teach their kids and improve their creative skills. It is a fun way to help them tell stories, remember shapes, draw games and learn alphabets.
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