WordPress Maintenance Plan – all you need to know

WordPress undoubtedly is one of the most popular and widely used website development platforms today. Its seamless interface, high-end functionalities, exclusive features, and flexibility make it the first choice of most website owners and developers. In fact, almost 80 percent of the websites on the internet today have been designed and developed using WordPress only. It is easier to manage and maintain a website that is developed using WordPress as compared to other platform or CMS. To gain seamless benefits of WordPress, it is essential to execute proper WordPress Maintenance. 

What is WordPress Maintenance?

WordPress Maintenance refers to a set of planned and instantaneous measures to ensure the efficient the functioning of a WordPress website. Starting from updating the user interface of a portal, to the maintenance of databases and adding new functionalities – WordPress maintenance covers a wide range of activities.
Some of the key activities that are a part of WordPress Maintenance have been listed below:
·         Sending notifications or updates on the website, adding new functionalities.
·         Incurring changes or modifications to the existing features on the website.
·         Improving the user interface and customize the theme of the website as per the requirement.
·         Upgrading the website backend to handle increased traffic and/or load.
·         Improving the speed and performance of the website through strategic measures.
·         And much more, specific to the needs of the project.
The need for a WordPress Maintenance Plan
Given the popularity and usability of WordPress, it is important to make the best use of the platform to the advantage of your brand or business. Though WordPress is an extremely user-friendly platform and handy to manage, it requires great skill to make optimal use of it as per the requirements of the market. In the rapidly evolving dynamics of the market, one needs to continuously update and manage the online presence to stay relevant to the audiences. Therefore, it is advisable to hire a professional WordPress Maintenance service by choosing a complete WordPress Maintenance Plan for the best results.
What to look for in a WordPress Maintenance Plan?
Having understood the basic idea and the need begin WordPress maintenance, one should be informed enough to choose the best WordPress plan for their business and should be knowing what to look for in a plan, when choosing one.
WordPress Maintenance is a specialized service that demands a certain degree of experience and expertise. No matter how simple it may seem, one requires a deep rooted understanding of the platform. The desired results from the whole exercise of WordPress Maintenance are complemented by a knack for the requirements of the market and customer behavior to derive.
Here’s what you need to keep in mind while choosing a WordPress Maintenance Plan and a WordPress service provider:
·         The service provider should have a substantial domain experience in the WordPress design, development & Maintenance.
·         There should be a proven track record of working on similar WordPress projects with an impressive success rate.
·         There should be adequate flexibility and adaptability in the WordPress maintenance plan to cater to the specific needs of your business & Plan.
·         Finally, the team responsible for the maintenance of your WordPress website should be competent enough to match your vision & mission.  
WPAOS’s WordPress Maintenance Plan
WPAOS has designed a well- researched and well-structured WordPress Maintenance Plan for our clients, keeping in mind each one of the above mentioned expectations that you should be having from a WordPress Maintenance partner. We are a WordPress Maintenance company having several years of specific industry experience in the WordPress development and maintenance domain. The names adoring the list of our clients are a testimony to the quality and competency that offer, as far as WordPress development & WordPress Maintenance plans are concerned.
Further, we have designed our WordPress Maintenance Plan to be an all-round; one-stop solution to all your worries as far as WordPress maintenance is concerned. The vision of the WPAOS is that once a client has chosen us as their partner for WordPress Maintenance, it becomes our responsibility to do the best that we can for the project.
The best thing about WPAOS’s WordPress Maintenance Plan is its pricing. We understand that a majority of our clients are bussing startups and small businesses, with finances as a major concern for them. Keeping that in mind, we have kept the pricing for our WordPress Maintenance services to be extremely competent and affordable.
To know more about our WordPress Maintenance Plans, or to discuss a project with us, feel free to write to us

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