Opt for ATM Assault Coverage and be Tension Free while Withdrawing Money

We are slowly turning into a tech-savvy country. We have switched to electronic mediums for our payments and purchases. Due to the increasing number of bank and ATM robberies, several insurance companies have come up with a new policy known as the ATM Assault Coverage.

What is ATM Assault Coverage?

ATM Assault Coverage is an insurance policy that protects you in case of robbery or attacks post cash withdrawal from any bank or ATM. Under this policy, all your medical expenses are covered, in case you suffer through any injury due to this event.


ATM Assault Insurance has some rules and regulations as well as pre-conditions, they are:
·         The insured should have opted for this policy cover, and the cover should not have been expired until the date of the event.
·         Post 10 minutes of the withdrawal, if the case like robbery happens, one can file the case to the nearest police station.
·         If you notice any unusual withdrawal from your card post 10 minutes, after you leave from the ATM center or bank, you can file a case.
·         If you're the robbed amount is not withdrawn within 48 hours from the time of the complaint registered, the insurer will need to pay you the full amount depending on your policy coverage.
·         In case of injuries, the insurer is liable to pay the full amount or the cover policy amount as medical expenses.
·         In case the patient requires medical treatment of more than 3 days, the insurer is liable to pay the full amount of daily expenses within 30 days of the injury.
·         In case, it leads to death, within 90 days of robbery attack, the heirs are liable to receive coverage of Rs. 1 lakh as an accidental death benefit from the insurer. 

Who can be insured in This Policy?

·   The individual whose name is displayed on the card or is recorded as the cardholder in the database of the company will be eligible for the insurance.
·   If other family members also plan to use the same card, then one can add their names to the policy by paying an additional premium amount.

Requirements for Claiming Insurance Amount

To claim your ATM Robbery Insurance Cover, you need to have the following details:
·         A copy of a police report
·         Claim form with date and sign.
·         Time, date and location of the Transaction.
·         Written confirmation letter by the insured about the transaction.

What Bajaj Finserv Offers?

Bajaj Finserv is one of India's dominant Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) that caters to the financial requirements of customers. The company provides various insurance policies that cater to your financial requirements during emergencies. From the range of insurance policies, ATM Assault Policy is one of the schemes under the Pocket Insurance Policy. The plan includes the following:

·         Coverage up to Rs.50, 000 by just paying a premium amount of Rs.499 per annum.

·         Loss due to robbery will be covered

·         In case you are injured due to this assault then all your medical expenses will be taken care. 

Exclusions of the ATM Assault Policy:

·         Third party damages and liabilities are not covered.
·         No other damage or liability would be covered other than your withdrawal amount.
·         Only your medical charges will be covered.

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