How To Increase Traffic to your Website

You want to rank higher on Google. You don't want to wait years before you get the results. What should you do? Hey everyone,  I'm going to share with you three unorthodox ways to boost your search engine rankings and start getting results today.
The first tip I have for you is to go and buy other properties within your space. It's expensive, you don't have to go as crazy. But this is a great way for growing your search engine rankings without spending a ton of money of SEO.

How To Increase Traffic to your Website

Everyone's like, "oh, SEO takes so much time, it's expensive". There's a lot of people who already have their rankings that aren't making any money. Why not just go and buy those sites for pennies on the dollar? It's so much cheaper than doing SEO. Yes, it's crazy, but it works. For example, Neil Patel gets a ton of traffic for the Ubersuggest keyword tool. He merged it into and now the URL is Now, he gets an extra 400 000 page views on his site per month and amazing rankings, because that site was already doing well, ranking well.

He kept the tool in its original format,  built more features, made it better and boom, release it all for free.
The second unorthodox tip I have for you are going after people who promote your competitors. Here's what I mean by this. Let's say you're AWeber. AWeber is an email solution and your convert kit.
You'd want to hit up everyone who's promoting the AWeber offer in their blog posts and be like, "Look, if you're promoting AWeber, I can give you higher payouts. Just take all of your blog posts that discuss AWeber versus MailChimp and also promote tools like Convert kit, just add us in there.

What do you have to lose? We'll pay you to promote us". By doing that, you're not only going to get more traffic, but those links will eventually help you boost rankings.
You're not supposed to follow them, and I recommend you not to follow them if you're paying people, but what I found is, most people are like, look, if your product's amazing, and you teach them how to use your product, because they're probably using the other competitors that they're promoting, and maybe you even give it to them for free, so that way they get more use out of them. If they like it, in most cases, they'll plug you in for free without asking anything and because you didn't ask for a link or by the link, you can get a ton of backlinks.

All by giving away our product and service for free. It's a really simple strategy that can generate a ton of search traffic in the long-run.
The third unorthodox tip I have for you is, when you're trying to get rankings in English, yes it's competitive and it takes longer. But if you're trying to get rankings in Portuguese, like Brazil for example, or in Latin-America, for all the Spanish languages, guess how long it takes?
 In many cases you can pop up a brand new website and get rankings, I  am not kidding, in one or two months. It's not that competitive. They don't have enough content in Latin-America. Heck, even in some parts of Europe they are lacking content. Check out this post off page seo techniques.

When Google lacks content, what do they have to do? They have to rank sites faster because the good ones should be at the top so people can get the information faster. Don't just expand your content into all these different countries to get more search traffic. Instead, you need to look at your customer base, where they're coming from, what languages do they speak. Suppose  51% of our revenue is from overseas. So we will start taking our content, looking at the most popular regions and translating them to the regions that were bringing us the most amount of money that wasn't English-speaking. Once we did that,  we will build links within those regions.

 We just need href lang, we translate our content manually but we used href lang to tell Google, "hey, this is our content, but in Spanish, and it's for Spain", or "here's our content in Portuguese, and it's targeted towards the Brazil audience". As we built links, built the social shares in those communities, because it's really cheap to do Facebook ads or Twitter ads in those regions.
 If you want quick, easy traffic, look for where your revenue is coming from, I bet you have some overseas. Start looking at the most popular regions and translate your content into those regions. It's an amazing way to just get tons of traffic.

My friend created a site. Within six months, she generated 100 000 visitors a month, just from Google. Guess how many backlinks she built? Less than 10. Why, you may ask, how is this possible? It's because there's no competition in these regions. Apart from that, it is also important to know the type of video content that you need to create. Moreover, you should also analyze whether the video that you have created has fulfilled your objectives or not and if there is any kind of content gap in your Youtube videos. It will help you to get Free YouTube subscribers. That is the reason it is always recommended to create useful and creative content while making the Youtube video. You can create creative content on a various useful topic such as how the product should be used, stories of the customers who have already purchased the product, etc.

 If you like these unorthodox strategies to boost your search engine rankings tell other people about it, because I want to help everyone. Of course, subscribe to the blog and if you have any questions or comments on how can you implement this on your site, how can you do it right, what other unorthodox tactics could you be leveraging, leave a comment below with your questions, I'll answer them and give you even more tips. Thank you.

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