How to Identify the Right Marijuana Strain of Your Requirement

Marijuana is gaining a respectful recognition all over the world since its medicinal properties are revealed. For a long time, marijuana consumption was considered as taboo because of its euphoric effect. Still, a large number of worldwide communities are consuming it from centuries. As evolution occurs in technology, the ways of marijuana consumption also evolve. Both naturally existing as well as hybrid strains based marijuana products are highly trending in the market. Consequently, a new user gets confused while choosing the right stuff. If you are also among those who smoke marijuana in a cigarette or rolling paper, it's time to make a change. For all kinds of marijuana users, this article has some suggestions. Scroll down to know which product is suitable according to your requirement and capacity.

Basic types of cannabis

As per the current scenario, the cannabis strains are classified in three basic categories i.e.
1)    Sativa
2)    Indica
3)    Hybrid
The sativa and indica are naturally existing plants whereas hybrid is the composition of these two species in different proportions. The marijuana strain rich in cannabidiol is used for medicinal purpose whereas the strain with an excess of THC is suitable for casual enjoyment purpose.

Suitable cannabis products for different types of users

1)    Marijuana for beginners
As a beginner, you must go with the options of edibles and vaping devices. There is no need to smoke if you want to get high on weed. The online and local marijuana dispensaries have edibles like gummies and drinks that you can directly consume as a typical confectionary product. Before buying, read the level of THC and CBD on its label in order to ensure that the potency level is low. You can also get assistance from the seller regarding the quantity of consumption.

2)    Marijuana for patients
Many online dispensaries sell recreational marijuana in Orange County that you can avail in vaping concentrates. There are vaporizing devices meant for atomizing the liquid concentrates in order to produce fine puffs of vapors. Ask the seller for a vaping concentrate rich in CBD extract. Before buying, consult with a physician who can guide you with the right dosage of cannabidiol according to the physical or mental abnormality.
3)    Marijuana for dry herb lovers
If you are a dry herb user and want to try new strains, there are numerous options available in the section of hybrids. Here are some of the most popular names that one must try at least once in a lifetime.

a)    Black diamond
b)    Purple arrow
c)    Strawberry Banana
d)    Cannatonic
e)    Kosher Kush
f)     Sundae Driver
g)    Jack Herer
h)    Durban Poison
i)     Green Crack
j)     Wedding Cake

Before buying these strains, always check the after-effects. Some of them relax you and promotes drowsiness whereas others uplift. When you buy marijuana in OC, also ask them to provide the rolling paper or different flavors or a vaporizer. Nowadays, advanced vaping devices are also capable of atomizing dry herbs along with liquid concentrate. There are also many options of choosing flavors.

4)    Marijuana  for high-level users
If you are consuming marijuana for a long time and want something stronger in this category, try wax. It is one of the purest forms of marijuana extract that contains almost 60 to 80 % of pure THC. With just 3 or 4 puffs, you will immerse in the depth of euphoria. It is consumable through vaping devices meant for dry herb. Apart from this, some marijuana stores also sell crystals that are more than 99% pure and very expensive.

A certified dispensary of marijuana in Orange County can provide you all these variants. Before buying, make sure that your body is capable of handling the potency level.

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