Discover a Balance Between Amazing Web Design And SEO

When you design a website you want to be found easily. This you can achieve when you are sure that your website is designed covering all the relevant aspects of it so that you gain the maximum benefit and ensure a better online branding in 2019. This is where the web design services come into the picture. 

The prime objective of modern web design services is to find a perfect balance between amazing website design and a functional website design. This will help in better search engine optimization and higher ranking in the Search Engine Ranking Pages. However, this is not an easy job and there are lots of factors to consider, aspects to cover and things to keep in mind.

Balance Between Amazing Web Design And SEO

Primarily, there are two most significant things to consider while designing a website, one, the consumers and two the search engines. Therefore, it is required to make a website that is user-friendly as well as SEO friendly. Both these aspects, when covered, will result in an optimized website for the search engines.

The things to consider

To make sure that a site shows up easily in the Google search pages when the users type in the keywords it is needed to be creative and there seems to be no end to it.

    Apart from that, it is required to balance both the user aspect and the visual aspect of the site while at the same time keeping things as simple and understandable as possible.

   It is also required that apart from a web development service businesses also have a separate team for SEO. This will help in better understanding of the complexities and conflicts so that the best solution is provided for better SEO.

To ensure that there is a perfect balance between the web development team and the search engine optimization services that will result in the perfect balance of amazing web design and SEO, these different website elements need to be considered.

     Navigation: In addition to the overall look, feel, and UX, designers need to pay more attention to the navigation aspect of the site. With all visual elements strategically located on the page, consumers will find it easy to interact with these elements. Moreover, all the subcategory pages must target the search keywords for a better rank in the SERPs. This is because of almost all organic search results from the subcategory pages.

       Content hierarchy: It is required to maintain a proper hierarchy in the content. This will make the site look more organized whether it is through the categories or the subcategories. This will not confuse the user especially if you have to deal with a large number of products on one page.

       Cross-linking: Most websites have a number of pages and therefore it is required to cross-link between these pages. With better horizontal linking it will be much easier to direct more organic traffic to the FAQs, blog posts, and other content.

All these will eventually boost the SEO efforts as the users will be guided clearly to the pages that they need to go to get more info about the product and make a buying decision quickly.

Less or more content

There seems to be a continual debate on the quantity of content. However, the debate should be on the quality of the content and not its quantity. The modern SEO experts believe in ‘less is more’ when it comes to content that encompasses several different things such as, the text, animations, graphics and everything in between.

However, considering Google algorithm all these elements may not be enough to make the content to be created equal. For example, a `.jpg` image along with an overlay of text is not considered as a content in the eyes of Google. Why? It is because Google can see the image but will not be able to read the text unless it is in HTML text code.

Most developers often tend to forget this fact and often push for more content that affects the design, layout and functionality adversely in turn. Ideally, developers need to understand that it should not affect the UX and therefore use the best content funnel.

Kinds of content

Typically, better web design will include just the right kind of content considering each specific phase of the consumer’s journey. This will ensure the desired balance with the design and SEO. This will also help in the layout of the text allowing you to know the places where text or visual content is required. Moreover, content should be on the homepage, category pages, collection pages, product pages and the subcategory pages.

All this will ensure that more value is created for the site and that will help you tie all the things together. This is where the expertise, of a professional web design service, comes handy.

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