4 Most-Effective Workflow Automation Software as Open Source

Every organization has a definite set of tasks to be performed. What’s different is the way in which the workflow of the employees is managed. It is important that every organization should have proper software that allows them to streamline the process with ease and simplicity. Here is some of the best workflow automation software as open source which businesses are very much considering these days:

4 Most-Effective Workflow Automation Software as Open Source

1.       Avaza

This workflow software comes with its web application which is powered by cloud computing. Being a cloud-based platform, Avaza allows easy access anytime and from anywhere. It serves with features like expense management, project management, invoicing, quoting, etc. due to which a number of businesses use this software.

2.       DarkTable

This software is especially for photographers who are looking for a way to manage their clicks. This open software comprises of many editing tools for free, which can allow you to edit the images and develop it. Not just the basic tools, but DarkTable also comprises of some other features that can photography easier. The DarkTable database allows the storage of digital negatives.

3.       BonitaSoft

Bonita BPM is one of the most popular workflow automation software with open source used by the developers. It proves to be reliable software for them which provide them the immense capability to handle the changes in the business.

4.       Process Street

This workflow automation software with open source is very much appraised as an effective and powerful APIs, allowing the automated workflow management in any organization. This software assists the businesses to store the recurring projects and its documentation in a way that it could be easily accessed.

There’s no denying the fact that these workflow automation and management software allows easy handling of the tasks and the data associated with it, thus allowing the business with the ease of functioning.

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