12 Safety Tips For Online Dating Sites

A dating site for singles provides you with an opportunity to connect with new people. However, you can also fall victim to online harassment, identity theft or some other cybercrime. This makes it extremely important to be careful while creating accounts on free dating sites in Ireland or anywhere in the world. Sometimes it can also lead to physical danger.
While it is not possible for you to control the disrespectful and predatory behaviour of others, you can stay safe and even make the online dating site a safe place by reporting such profiles. Your top priority should be protecting yourself while interacting with strangers. We have some useful tips for you.

12 Safety Tips For Online Dating Sites

Creating profile
Avoid dating sites allowing anyone to send a message
A safe dating site allows you to make privacy settings. No stranger can send you message if you don't allow. Don't join a site not offering such privacy settings. According to dating site for singles      
Check geography settings in the dating site or app
Most of the dating websites and apps use your device’s location. Your location is used to provide better services. However, make sure that the app doesn’t allow any stranger to access your location.      
Think before putting personal details on your profile
Avoid putting the last name, phone number, email address or any other contact detail on your profile. A safe website allows you to hide these details. 
Interacting with strangers
Avoid using the default messaging system of your phone
All single dating sites and apps come with their own messaging systems. Always use the messaging system of the app. 
Avoid giving your real phone number
Always talk before meeting that person in real life. Don't share your real phone number. You can use a Google phone number. 
Involve a mutual friend
When you are on the profile of the person you are interested in, the dating site will provide you with the list of mutual friends. Talk to your mutual friend to learn more about the person you want to see.
Avoid sharing too many details
Know more about that person before sharing too many personal details. Try to know him/her better. Meet in person first and then decide whether you should share your phone number or some other personal details.             
Meeting in person
Drive yourself
Even when you have been talking to each other for a couple of months, don't let him/her know where you live. Get a ride or drive yourself.
First date always in a public place
Never invite or never go to the place of the person you are dating for the first time. You can go to a coffee shop, chat over dinner or even visit a lake. 
Be careful, aware and alert
You are supposed to be respectful and kind and you should. However, you are in the company of a stranger. You should be able to take care of yourself.
Keep someone informed
One of your family members or friends should be aware of your plans and whereabouts.        
Carry a self-defense tool

Carry a pepper spray, taser or knife. This will make you feel safer. 

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