Why does my Tooth Cap hurt?

Dental Crowns – As the name suggests, it is a crown for your tooth. They are a tooth-shaped cap which is exactly like your natural teeth. They improve the appearance and provide strength to your teeth. They are cemented over the existing tooth or implants by your dentist.
Dental Crowns are needed in the following cases:

Why does my Tooth Cap hurt?

•    After Root Canal Treatment

•    Placed over Implants to restore spaces left for missing teeth

•    After the accident, if the tooth is damaged severely then is it provided with the crown to give strength

•    Sometimes when there is a large filling, the tooth might crack, and, in that case, a Dental Crowns is placed to protect the same.

•    If a person has a habit of grinding its teeth then, there are chances that your tooth may wear down. If the enamel wears away completely then a dental crown is a must.

With advancements in technology, dental crowns have developed in time. The materials used in dental crowns have changed and is now available as zirconia, porcelain, porcelain-fused-metal, stainless steel and metal alloys, ceramic etc.

What type of crown will fulfill the requirement totally depends on the case and the need of the patient. All dental crowns have their own advantages and disadvantages. One needs to visit a dentist nearby as your dentist will help you to choose amongst the options available.

Though tooth-caps are artificial, they function just like your natural teeth and therefore require the same kind of care. People generally believe that because it is artificial in nature hence would not hurt. But there are some incidents where your dental crowns or the tooth-cap as it is called hurt:

•    If you get a dental crown without Root Canal Treatment then there are chances that your crown put pressure on your tooth pulp or nerve causing pain. Not getting RCT can expose your nerve to the bacteria which causes infection and deter pain. It sometimes happens that people avoid getting an RCT as they are fearful but not getting the same done can lead to other complications one of which is dental pain.

•    If you have Bruxism – a habit of clenching your teeth subconsciously or while you are asleep then this habit can irritate the dental crown causing pain in it. Visiting your dentist can surely help you in getting this resolved. Your dentist will give you a mouthguard which is a device made of harder material and is the most effective way of treating bruxism. They are custom fit in a way that they are specially designed for your set of teeth.

•    Another reason could be that your crown was not well-fitted and even the slightest interference can cause pain in your tooth. This will lead to improper bite and pain can be experienced from pressing down on high spots or misaligned spots.

•    Having sore gums can also be a reason for pain in Dental Crown. This is completely normal. Crowns take some time to settle in your mouth and one can feel uncomfortable during that period. This will result in tender gums which causes pain and discomfort.

The cases discussed above can only be resolved after visiting a dentist. Under no circumstances should anyone take the matter in their own hand. Only your dentist is equipped and trained in treating such cases. Visit your dentist as soon as possible if you feel pain or discomfort. He will guide you well.

If you are concerned about the price and want to be sure before visiting a dentist about the tooth cap price then search for tooth cap cost in India and look for various options available. 

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