Top B-Schools that Offer Scholarships for NMAT by GMAC Test Takers

NMAT by GMAC exam is a popular entrance for management aspirants and several top-notch b-schools accept NMAT scores for admission to MBA and other PG programs. Now, seven b-schools have also decided to offer scholarships for NMAT by GMAC Test takers. This is sure to boost the number of applicants for NMAT and provide additional encouragement to meritorious students.

The Regional Director of GMAC (South Asia), Gaurav Srivastava said that these scholarships will go a long way in assisting deserving candidates in their management education journey.  He further added that the schools will be able to attract high-quality talent into their classroom by offering this exclusive scholarship for NMAT by GMAC test takers.

Let us now discuss these b-schools which are ready to roll out their scholarships for NMAT test takers.

Top B-Schools that Offer Scholarships

B-schools providing Scholarship

Below mentioned are the premier B-schools offering scholarships or financial aid to students based on their NMAT scores-

·  Athena School of Management
·  BSE Institute Ltd
·  ITM Business School
·  ISBR Business School
·  Jindal Global Business School
·  SDA Boconni Asia Center
·  Thapar School of Management

All these b-schools have varying eligibility criterion for providing scholarships to students based on their NMAT scores. Candidates applying for the scholarship need to fulfill the eligibility criterion for these respective institutes. Let us discuss the eligibility criterion of these B-schools.

Athena School of Management NMAT Scholarship- 

This B-school will provide three types of scholarships for students- Athena NMAT Gold Scholarship, Athena NMAT Silver Scholarship and Athena NMAT Bronze Scholarship.

·  Students scoring 200 are eligible for Athena NMAT Gold Scholarship and will be provided with 50% fee waiver.

·  Students scoring between 185-200 are eligible for Athena NMAT Silver Scholarship and will be provided with a 25% fee waiver.

·  Students scoring between 150 to 185 are eligible for Athena NMAT Bronze Scholarship and will be provided with a 20% fee waiver.

BSE Institute Ltd NMAT Scholarship-

BSE Institute Ltd will offer the scholarship to only those candidates with NMAT score of 185 and above.

Besides, the candidates must have at least 60% of marks in Bachelor’s degree to be eligible for the scholarship. It should be noted that the institute offers scholarships to only top 5 eligible candidates, and these students will be provided with a fee waiver of up to 20%.

ITM Business School NMAT Scholarship-

ITM University, Raipur and ITM Vocational, Vadodara provide the scholarship to candidates with an NMAT score of 160 and above. The students will be provided will a 20% fee waiver.
Other than this, the students will also have chances to gain 100% scholarship for the first year of the course.

ISBR Business School NMAT Scholarship -

ISBR Business School will offer scholarships to candidates who have an NMAT score of 160 and above. The institute offers a total number of 15 scholarships that range from 100% - 25% tuition fee waiver. ISBR also offers five exclusive sports scholarships for candidates with the sports background and NMAT score of 160 and above.

Jindal Global Business School NMAT Scholarship-

Jindal Global Business School also offers scholarships on the basis of percentage scores of the candidates.

·  Candidates with scores between 90% - 100% NMAT are eligible for 40% of Tuition Fee Waiver.

·  Candidates with scores between 80% - 89.99% NMAT are eligible for 30% of Tuition Fee Waiver.

·  Candidates with scores between 70% - 79.99% NMAT are eligible for 20% of Tuition Fee Waiver.

SDA Bacooni Asia Centre NMAT Scholarship

SDA Bacooni Asia Centre offers the scholarship to candidates with a good NMAT by GMAC score and a prominent academic background. For availing scholarships, candidates are required to appear for the interview organized by the institute. Candidates eligible for scholarship scheme will get fee waiver of maximum up to 80%.

Thapar School of Management NMAT Scholarship

Thapar School of Management will conduct a scholarship test for shortlisting candidates to offer scholarships. All the candidates with a valid NMAT score can appear for this test and no separate any application fee is chargeable.

The institute will offer 75 merit scholarships to the eligible candidates. 

So, here is the eligibility criterion for all the seven B-schools that will provide scholarships to NMAT test takers. All the students can visit the official website of NMAT by GMAC for additional details about the scholarships and check the process of applying for each school.

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