Social Media and Web Design Integration – How to Add A Bigger Punch by Thinking Out of the Box

As per, with over 3.2 billion users of social media all over the world, it is quite obvious that it has become a compulsive habit for users to engage with it. All web designers know the basics of integration of web design and social media; however, to really make your business forge ahead in getting more followers and engagement, it is evident that only creative thinking will pay off. Some useful tips:

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Handles and Hashtags to the Web Design 

Social media has given new meaning to certain symbols that were prevalent long before social media itself came into existence and made them really trendy especially to the younger audience. Taking a cue from this, you can think about adding handles and hashtags even to your website design to add a really cool touch to something that is always taken for granted. The Chevrolet Mexico Nuevos Conductores website is an outstanding example of this thought process. The website pays tributes to the new drivers driving Chevy cars using real people to convey the idea. The website is actually an interesting case study that uses the Twitter handles of real drivers and also includes hashtags, messages, and images sourced from their social media accounts to flesh out the website design. Even without any predominant placement, it is possible to use hashtags on the webpage that will get noticed by visitors; a design element that will not fail to arouse interest.

Design a Website Timeline 

All social media users are accustomed to seeing posts in chronological order though recently both Facebook and Instagram algorithms have disrupted that linear order in an attempt to deliver superior user experience and drive more real Instagram likes. The concept of a timeline on a website is something that is very novel and can be used to great effect especially when the brand or the business has a long history associated with it. The website of Dr. Pepper has a section devoted to history that provides fascinating glimpses from the brand’s hoary past. 

Notification Tickers

Users of virtually every social media and email that has become a familiar part of everyday life are used to the notification ticker telling them of unread messages. Now website design is also warming up to the idea; of course, the ticker is not really informing of any waiting messages but the eyes of users are so accustomed to seeing the notification that they will invariably stray to it even when it is on the website. It is a good way for website owners or advertisers to move away from intrusive pop-ups to share news or even promo codes that users are liable to find interesting.


One of the prime reasons why social media has proved to be so popular in such a short time is that it provides the interaction that is almost completely absent on websites that tend to read more like an e-brochure of the business. Any method that you can use to make the user interact with the brand on the lines of popular social media can only serve to lock in the traffic for better conversions.

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