How To Recover Data From Pen Drive which is Deleted Without Any Omissions

Yesterday, I deleted some unessential videos, I thought they are still stored in a trash bin. However, when I checked my recycle bin, I am just going in hell at that moment. Hence, all the videos are deleted permanently and now, I am not able to think where are my videos gone? Some of the videos are important for me and I require them back. Can anyone please help! Now, I need an instant solution to resolve how can I recover my deleted files from pen drive. Thanks in advance.”

I have an HP pen drive. I mistakenly deleted some data file and folders from pen drive. But, After some time I realized that all the deleted files are removed from the pen drive. Now, I want an eminent solution to How can I recover my deleted files from USB? So, please advise me ASAP. Any help would be gratifying.”


Today! In this write-up, we are going to show you the perfect technique to recover data files that are deleted from the pen drive. Mainly, a pen drive is a proficiently used storage device. Users prefer this due to its enhanced functionalities like durability, speed etc.  But, what exactly happens when users lose their valuable data files without any alert. That can be the most irritating situation for anyone. But, some users still ignore the fact i.e., once they normally delete any data file from the external storage device. Then, those data files will be wiped permanently instead of going to recycle bin. Most of the users faced this tiresome issue and then, search an efficient solution to recover permanently deleted data from my pen drive. So, we took it into consideration and come up with this unique article. Simply, read out it completely to learn how to recover data from pen drive which is deleted without any hindrance. 

Flawless Way to Recover Data From Pen Drive Which is Deleted

As we all know that, no manual solution can recover your deleted files from USB Flash drive. Because once any data files normally deleted from an external storage device. Then, those deleted files directly removed from the device instead of going to a trash bin. In this scenario, only a third party software works expectedly. So, you can utilize pen drive recovery software for the same. This is a perfect utility to recover data from pen drive which is deleted permanently. Mainly, this recovery tool can instantly retrieve corrupted, deleted and formatted data from flash drive. Moreover, this tool facilitates progressive features that help a user to restore permanently deleted files from the pen drive. Nevertheless, any users either technical or non-technical can utilize this handy tool. Must Read: Techy Street - The Tech Blog

Instructions Guide to Recover Data From Pen Drive Which is DeletedProcedure

Simply, follow the below-outlined directions to implement the procedure to recover permanently deleted, corrupted and formatted data from a USB. Hence, all the steps are listed sequentially. Let’s get started:

Step 1: First of all, you have to install and run the SysTools Pen Drive Deleted Data Recovery Software to your local system.

Step 2: After that, the application will provide you two options such as Scan and Formatted Scan. Here, you have to choose the Scan option to scan your device properly.

Step 3: Now, the software will display the reading percentage. So, you have to wait until it turns to 100% properly.

Step 4: Here, the application will list all retrieved folders into the left pane of software. This software will automatically emphasize the folders which consist of data files. So, click on any desired folder to explore the folder and view the entire data into the right pane of utility.

Mark: This software having remarkable features i.e., it highlights the permanently deleted files by red tincture. Thus, it becomes convenient for any user to identify deleted files and folders.

Step 5: Subsequently, the tool will facilitate different options to store recovered files. Mainly, if you need to choose a specific file then, you have to right-click on that and save it to the desired folder. In case, you need to store the complete data. So, click on Export from the top panel of the application.

Step 6: After selecting the preferred option. Now, the software will begin the export procedure. Moreover, after successful completion of the procedure, the software will notify you with a prompted message. That says the Export procedure complete successfully.

Step 7: Ultimately, hit on OK to end up the permanent data recovery procedure.

Final Verdict

Are you still waiting for any miracle happen? Do not wait just, go thoroughly this complete blog to know how to recover data from pen drive which is deleted. Mainly, there is no manual solution obtainable and capable to retrieve permanently deleted files from flash drive. Thus, in this write-up, we had discussed the perfect solution named pen drive recovery software to do the same. This software comes under the world’s top 3 recovery applications. We know, there are so many tools are already present over the internet but, its high time to take an impeccable decision. 

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