Best Organic Hair Dye Brand That Really Works

Do away with the host of chemical hair colours and opt for the perfect alternative that comes in the name of this Botanical Hair Colour like that of the Bioorganic henna, Cassia, or Indigo for the matter. Chemical hair colours lead to a number of side effects like tremendous hair fall, dry and damaged hairs, itchy scalp etc. The prolonged use of such chemical result in severe damaging effects on the scalp and hairs resulting in baldness, damaged and dull hairs and excessive hair loss to be precise. Natural hair dyes like that of the Bioorganic henna comes with a plethora of additional benefits that renders it as the ideal alternative for hair dyeing purposes. This amazing range of natural hair dyes has sought for a revival of ancient Ayurveda that gets combined with modern demands of hair colouring.

ΓΌ  Best Organic Hair Dye Brand That Really Works Best

In the contemporary times of innumerable organic hair color brands that are doing the rounds in the present day market scenario, it really becomes a task in itself to get hold of the best of the lot. In the present, when it comes to that of Botanical Hair Colour, it is Indus Valley that makes for the best choice to put it precisely. This amazing organic brand provides for a chemical free hair coloring experience that helps add volume and shine to the hairs, helps restore luster, while coloring your tresses with the desired shade all at one go. In addition, this natural hair colour, like that of the Bioorganic henna is an all-in-one hair colour product that not only colours your hairs with perfection, but provides for the complete coverage of stubborn grey hairs and also gets you effective highlights coverage in the endeavour enabling you to experiment with your looks as you try out the different shades of natural hair dyes. With other added benefits to its credit, this excellent hair color undoubtedly makes for the best choice. Here are the different reasons that render Indus Valley as the best brand for the organic hair dyes:

·         No Chemical Completely Natural Hair Colour: Indus Valley’s Botanical Hair Colour does not contain any harmful chemicals like PPD, Ammonia, Hydrogen Peroxide, heavy Metals, Alcohol, Resorcinol, Barlum and no other Added Synthetic additives to be precise. This amazing product causes no damage to the tresses and scalp while being a completely herbal hair color for the matter.

·         Organic Components: Indus Valley’s Botanical Hair Colour is made from organic herbs that have no trace of chemicals. This range of hair colors are clinically tested to be 100% chemical free, therefore it is free from the clutches of allergies that are common in case of the chemically infused hair colors.
·         Certified Herbs Only: Indus Valley’s range of natural hair dyes are made from the rarest of organic herbs that work wonders in terms of hair care. Therefore the said hair colours feature beneficial herbs like Chamomile, Neutral Henna, Henna, Brahmi, Madder, Fenugreek that provides for the complete nourishment of the hairs in an absolutely natural manner.
·         Combats Ageing Process: Being free from Hydrogen Peroxide and other dangerous chemicals, this organic hair colour like that of Indus Valley’s Bio organic henna combats ageing in an effective manner.
·         No Side Effects: The essential goodness of the certified organic components makes the organic hair dyes suitable for application on all hair kinds and most importantly, are without any side effects.

Choose this excellent range of Indus Valley’s extra safe and extra gentle Botanical Hair Colour that colours with utmost care.

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