Valentine’s Day gift ideas for flower lovers

The time around Valentine’s day is the perfect period to show you are beloved the amount love and care you hold in your heart for her. If you are in a relatively new relationship or even if you are about to propose to someone over whom you have set your mind, there is hardly any better time to express your feelings than this period of the year. A proposal or statement of love attached with some lovely flowers can really be a perfect combination. Flowers are the universal messengers of love and flower delivery in Melbourne can set the right mood for Valentine’s day. In case your partner has a soft spot for flowers, then it is another reason to look for a special floral arrangement.

Valentine’s Day gift ideas for flower lovers

Best Valentine’s Day gift ideas for flower lovers

Before we go into some of the special gifts that you can choose, here is a quick list of the best flowers and the colors that will be ideal for the occasion.

Roses are definitely one of the best options that you can choose as their beauty, fragrance, and glamour are unparalleled. Red is the best option while pink and yellow will fit nicely in a bouquet.

• Yellow is a bright choice to give and there are quite a few flowers available in that shade. Sunflowers and daffodils are some of the best choices that you can make with this color.

• Lilies are a great choice as Melbourne valentines day flowers and the stargazer variety is definitely a strikingly beautiful option. There are also white and pink variations which can be ideal for the occasion.

• Carnations are one of the oldest and most popular flowers around and pink, red and purple ones are some of the brightest choices that you can pick.

• Tulips can introduce a special charm in your Valentine’s day celebrations and they are fascinating in terms of beauty. They come in various hues and the red, cream and white shades are ideal for the season of love.

• In case you want something unique and special, orchids can be a lovely option. They come in various color options and can make a bouquet stand out in splendor.

• Chrysanthemum is a lovely flower to gift to your Valentine. The flower with its perfectly symmetrical arrangement is a symbol of joy and happiness and it comes in various lovely shades like red, cream and pink, making it a pretty choice.

After a look at the best floral choices, we can take a look at some special floral designs and arrangements for a valentines day flower delivery Melbourne.


1. Roses are available in various forms and a dozen or two of fresh red roses wrapped with red floral paper and with a red ribbon tied in it can be a bright and beautiful symbol of love. Make sure that all the roses are in the same stage of blooming and are perfectly balanced in terms of their stem lengths. Go for this all-red choice to highlight the depths of your passion on this Valentine’s day.

red or pink roses

2. To present something really special combine a bouquet of red or pink roses with a bunch of purple orchids. This is a combination that is unique and exotic in the same note and is the right option to capture hearts. The arrangement can be decorated with some green foliage and placed in a basket to make it appear even more appealing.

while lilies

3. While lilies are extremely beautiful on their own, a combination of various lilies to design a bouquet is a special option. Start with stargazer lilies and then add calla lilies to stand for the depth of your love. Finish by adding tiger lilies that will highlight the depth of the passion that you hold in your heart.

4. A bouquet of carnations can present a stunning beauty and these flowers are available in various hues, making them a great choice for a colorful bouquet. The shades like white, light red, deep red and pink are ideal options to express your love. In addition, these flowers are also fragrant, making them even more appealing for the senses.

5. Purple is a color that is not very common when it comes to flowers and a bunch of purple orchids arranged in a white vase can really look stunning from all aspects. You can also take suggestions from your florists about other color combinations and arrange to send valentines day bouquets to Melbourne that comprises only beautiful orchids.

Purple Flowers

6. A bouquet, designed in steps or layers can be a beautiful choice. You can pick flowers like carnations or roses to create two steps of the same or different colors. Warp the bouquet with some paper that sets up the contrast really well, making it look more attractive. This is one arrangement that is sure to impress your beloved on this occasion.

7. A bunch of bright yellow Asiatic lilies can be used to design a bright and attractive bouquet that is perfect for Valentine’s Day. The bouquet can be further enhanced with some green foliage that creates a striking contrast of colors. This can be delivered in a beautiful glass or metal vase that makes the whole arrangement extremely elegant.

8. Another classic option for crafting a bouquet is to use an assortment of tulips in a glass vase. These long-stemmed flowers of various shades can be outstanding in appearance and will surely light the flames of love in the heart. This arrangement can be made to look the best by using a glass vase.

9. A grand combination of carnations, lilies, and roses can be used to develop a special arrangement that is sure to take the breath away. These flowers will complement each other in terms of beauty and colors like orange, white and red can create the perfect combination. In addition, ferns and leaves can be added to make things even more eye-catching.

10. For an organic touch to a flower arrangement, you can use seasonal garden flowers that will make it really attractive. Seasonal flowers like ranunculus, anemones, gerberas and garden roses will add more texture and variation to the arrangement, making it look more natural. Add the right shades of green to bring in the feel of a natural garden.

11. Often the simplest flowers can be arranged in a distinct container to make the whole arrangement look special. The use of unique vases can add a new twist to the classic beauty of flowers like roses and carnations. Try to use vases of special shapes and materials to make a simple arrangement look really exciting.

12. Red is the true color of love and nothing expresses that color better than a bunch of beautiful roses. Add a special touch to the shade of red by adding some other roses of orange and coral shades towards the base. This lovely design will surely make a lasting impression and use a white colored vase to elevate the charm of the whole arrangement to a new level.

13. If you are planning an in-house dining session for Valentine’s Day you can decorate the table in some innovative ways. Using vases of various shapes and filling them with flowers of multiple hues can make things look really special. Using tea-cups and pots to make small but special arrangements can be really romantic. If you are planning a candlelight dinner, choose shades like red, pink or cream to enhance the romantic ambiance.

14. When you make a Valentine gift delivery in Melbourne through flowers, make sure that the flowers will last as long as possible. One way to keep the flowers fresh for longer periods in a vase is to keep the water clean and clear. You can also keep cutting the stems every day at an angular fashion to enhance the water intake of the flowers. This will keep the memories of the special day alive for longer periods.

15. When you want to pick a bouquet, you can look for an asymmetric structure instead of going for a conventional round one. Ideally, each bouquet should have a focal point and more dimensions should be added around that point. A bouquet designed of multiple flowers can be a contrast of lovely textures with some straight lines and appropriate touches of green. To make it appear as a picture-perfect gift, you also need the wrapping to be perfect, along with a nice touch of ribbons.

16. Last but not least, in case your beloved has an allergy towards flowers, you need not to give up on the idea of gifting flowers to her. In such cases, you can plan to send her some artificial flowers. These flowers are available in various color variations and will last for a long time. There are also options for buying a delicately crafted silk rose of attractive color, contained in a beautiful golden box.

So these are some ideas about sending special flower arrangements for Valentine’s Day. This is a wonderful occasion to celebrate the grand emotion of love and when you do it with the right flowers, it becomes a truly memorable occasion.

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