Different Valentine's Day Flowers And Their Meanings

A Valentine’s Day is a special occasion when you and your loved one can celebrate your togetherness and spend some quality time with each other. No matter how you celebrate, a Valentine’s Day celebration without beautiful flowers is somewhat incomplete. The flowers are symbols of love that can express a lot through their delicate colors and invigorating fragrance. Due to their variety and diversity, it is always possible to select the best romantic flowers that will match everyone’s preferences.

Different Valentine's Day Flowers And Their Meanings

Due to this large field of choice, the search for the perfect Valentine’s Day flowers Pune can be a bit confusing. The different color of the flowers also has different meanings, making the right choice of colors quite important. Hence we will list out some of the best flowers that you can pick for the occasion and add a bit about their significance. These are flowers that can surely set the perfectly right tone for this romantic occasion.

1. Rose

• The rose has always been a symbol of love and no Valentines’ Day flower list is complete without it. This flower has been around in this planet for millions of years, and about 150 different species are found in the northern hemisphere alone. The beauty of this flower has enamored lovers through centuries, and if you are planning to buy roses for valentines day, you will find a various choice of colors.

• The red color symbolizes everlasting and passionate love while the white is the symbol of innocence and sensitivity. The Yellow roses stand for the joy of friendship, and the orange ones express fervor and desire. There are various shades of pink roses available, and they generally express admiration and joy. The number of roses in a bouquet is also significant, and generally, a dozen of them are ideal to convey the feelings of love.


2. The sunflower

• Bright and gorgeous, sunflowers are one of the happiest species of flowers that you can gift for Valentine’s day. They are also good for expressing esteem or admiration towards a friend or a family member. The flower was originally grown in America and spread to Europe as civilizations advanced. Their bright color and charming disposition make them a very good choice for sending a positive message to a dear one.

• With a look that closely resembles the sun, this flower has been associated with warmth and positivity since the ancient times. The tall stalks and bright petals give this flower a majestic appearance, and they are available in various sizes that will be perfect for a bouquet. The appearance of the flowers not only signify strong bonds between two people, but they also deliver the wish for long-lasting happiness. This flower is a perfect choice to bring brightness and positivity in your relationship.

The sunflower

3. The Tulip

• The tulip is another remarkable flower that can be a part of any romantic flowers delivery in Pune. This flower was first grown in the lands of Persia and Turkey, and from these parts, it spread into various regions of Europe and Africa specifically in the 16th century. They are one of the most strikingly beautiful flowers and come in various colors like red, white, yellow, pink, purple etc. Out of these shades, the red one is specifically significant for lovers.

• In line with the red rose, the red tulip stands for eternal and undying love. The yellow tulips stand for brightness and youthfulness while the white ones stand for purity and innocence. In a certain part of Europe, the red tulip symbolizes and the person who is burning with the passion of love. A bouquet of tulips, a potted tulip plant or even a single red flower can express the passion of a long-lasting love as you gift it. Some believe that the tulips can also bring wealth into the lives of the lovers.

The Tulip

4. Orchids 

• Being one of the largest plant species in the planet, the orchids come in various colors and various forms. They are available in almost every shade of color including the rare blue shade. While the ancient Greeks considered orchids as a sign of virility, the Aztecs mixed the flavor of vanilla orchids with chocolate. They mostly grow in the shadowy areas of forest under the canopy of trees. Each color of the orchid flower has a unique meaning, making them a flower for every occasion. 

• The red orchids have an exotic touch, and it is a great way to show your love and desire for your beloved. The purple orchid symbolizes royalty, devotion, and affection while the white ones symbolize elegance and beauty. The orange orchids stand for boldness and pride while the pink ones stand for joy and femininity. A lovely flowers delivery in Pune, consisting of rare and interesting orchids can really add a new dimension to your Valentines’ Day celebrations.

5. Peony

• Peonies are historically significant flowers and the area associated with various cultures. But in general, they signify romance, admiration, and prosperity, making them a good choice for Valentine’s day. The flower is said to be named after Paeon, the ancient Greek physician God. Another myth describes that the flower is named after a nymph called Paeonia, who was transformed into a flower by Aphrodite. They are also valued for the medicinal properties that they possess.

• The peony has many shades, and the red and pink varieties are often used during Valentine’s Day. The red peony is very significant in China where it symbolizes royalty and tradition along with the sense of honor. The flower also stands for admiration towards beauty and all forms of the romance of love. They are often used to specially mark the love between two strangers. The pink peony is frequently marked as a symbol of romance, and it is often used during a wedding.

So these are some of the flowers that you can choose confidently for your dear one during Valentine’s Day. Whether you choose a lovely bouquet or a bunch, these flowers are sure to express love in its noble form.

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