PewDiePie VS T Series : T Series Flashing Over PewDiePie, to Growing No. 1 YouTube Channel in the World

PewDiePie VS T Series Live Sub Count

PewDiePie and T Series hold the racing of the battle of world No. 1 youtube channel. Both have 74 millions subscribers right now. T Series increasing four times faster than Swedish Gamer Kjellberg's PewDiePie. 

For the first time Felix the creator of PewDiePie frightening to see the increasing percentages of number subscribers of Indian music company T Series. After 2010, PewDiePie has a biggest youtube channel, it seems like no one can touch him. But right now for the first time, the reigns of PewDiePie is going to over. 

The creator of PewDiePie youtube channel is Felix Arvid Ulf, but mostly known as Poods, Pewds, PewDie. The 29-years old Swedish gamer and game commentator started his youtube journey in 2010. After that he focuses on his youtube channel, as a result, he dropped out of Chalmers after losing interest in his degree fields. But he managed to pursue a degree in Industrial Economics and Technology Management at the Chalmers University of Technology. 

PewDiePie crossed one million subscribers in July 2012 and his channel was growing rapidly. Then PewDiePie became No. 1 youtuber on 15 August 2013 of most numbers of subscribers. Since then he holding the posting. In 2014 Felix channel distinguish as most viewed youtube channel. Followed the success of views in November 2018, the youtube channel has crossed 19 billion video views. 

In the other hand, T Series is an Indian based music company and film production. T Series is known as making music soundtracks of Bollywood. T Series was founded 35 years ago on 11 July 1983 in Delhi, India. Gulshan Kumar was the founder of this company, but now his son Bhushan Kumar managing it with his uncle Krishan Kumar. 

The battle between PewDiePie and T Series started in the earlier February. After that, the battle is an ongoing process between channel. After seeing that PewDiePie in tough posting, the owner of PewDiePie and his fellow YouTuber started marketing on it. Felix has start advertising on all over social media and TV channels. Some of the great TV channels and social media influenced help him to win the race. A report says that he also created a physical banner advertisement. In some foreign country was seen PewDiePie banner ads on the road, cars, bathroom, school, college and many more places. 

In a video him, we saw that he was insulted Indian. It was really distasteful and unnecessary, in which he said, "duck Indians", he says, "fuck you, India, and I know this isn't what any fan base is about either. "

The interesting of the story Felix tweeted when he feels that T Series is so close to beat him. He said on the twitter that don't obscenities to Indian and build up charity more than £37,00 from 2,250 followers, which will be donated to CRY. But the sympathy can't save him as the youtube experts think so. 

Felix fan and his fellow YouTuber support him to win the race over big T Series and they succeed in this week so far to keep him on the top.