Make Your Loan Plan Perfect With Online EMI calculator

If you are looking for funds which are available instantly and have a multipurpose use then personal loans are your answer to all these requirements. They are unsecured, can be used for your personal needs and are also available instantly. Perhaps these are the reasons which make personal loans so popular. Personal loans are unsecured loans as they are provided without any collateral. Taking an unsecured personal loan and repaying it effectively requires adequate planning and calculation of EMIs in advance is very important part of the loan process but you don’t need to worry about calculating EMIs at all as the personal loan EMI calculator will calculate the EMIs for you in seconds. The personal loan EMI calculator is very simple, fast and reliable source of information to calculate your EMIs.

Advantages of using EMI calculators

Saves time

The online EMI calculators calculate EMIs for you in seconds. It saves your precious time. It helps in forecasting and evaluating that the particular EMI is affordable for you or not. You can increase or decrease your EMIs if they are not affordable for you. The EMI calculator can be accessed anytime and anywhere. You don't need to visit the branch or get involved with figuring out complex mathematical calculations. You just need to go to online portals and calculate the EMIs.

Gives accurate result

It is very difficult to calculate EMIs manually and it may come with the risk of making mistakes. The online EMI calculators help you in making error-free calculations, it is available on the websites of online aggregators or on the bank’s website. You can calculate it by just filling the values.

Helps in financial planning

The EMIs have a direct impact on your monthly income and it is a major concern on how much EMIs you need to pay per month. The online EMI calculators help in maintaining your monthly budget cycle and you can do an easy and quick comparison of EMI. You can also vary the loan parameters to reach the most suitable EMI as per your requirements and choose the best suited for you.
Some basic parameter of calculating EMIs are:

Loan amount

The loan amount is the first and the foremost thing to know when it comes to calculating EMIs. The most important parameter of taking a loan is the loan amount you choose. The higher the loan amount you choose, the higher will be your EMI amount. Choosing a loan amount plays a very important role in EMI calculation.

Interest rate

After choosing a loan amount, you need to choose the rate of interest as different banks and NBFCs offer a different rate of interest. Higher the rates, the more EMIs you need to pay. A lower rate of interest may lower your monthly installments, hence less burden on your pocket. So, you should choose the financial institution very carefully.


Repayment tenure also plays a very important role at the time of calculating EMI. You can choose the repayment tenure as per your choice but remember longer the tenure, the easier it is for you to repay the fund to the bank or to any financial institution from which you are availing the loan. A personal loan is an unsecured loan and maximum tenure goes up to 5 years.

The personal loan EMI calculator calculates your monthly EMI in advance. It is advisable for you to approach a financial institution for loan approval of your loan and make your plan perfect with the online EMI calculators.