A Rechargeable E-Cig That Can Keep Pace with Your on - The- Go Lifestyle

What are e-cigarettes?

No doubt e-cigarettes look high tech and this thing makes us believe the hype that e-cig is a safe alternative to smoking. But the sad part is that e-cigarettes are not at all healthy as these are just another ways of consuming nicotine, which is indeed a highly addictive drug. You are literally inhaling the vapor of nicotine into the body. Moving forward to the e-cigarettes, these are battery- powered smoking devices which are available in different designs and also the main ingredient of an e-cigarette which is the e- juice is available in a wide range of flavors. 

E-cigarettes use cartridges filled with e-liquid which contains different flavors and different nicotine levels. The e-cigarettes have a heating device that converts the e-liquid into a vapor which a person inhales. This is the reason that using an e-cigarette is termed as ‘vaping’. There is a variety of e-cigarettes and the most common ones amongst them these days are a rechargeable e-cig that can keep pace with your on- the- go lifestyle. The name rechargeable itself suggests that you will not have to buy an e-cig again and again like any traditional cigarette or its pack. Only the cartridges are to be refilled in order to inhale the vapour. Nowadays with the advancement of technology, there is a wide range of e-cigarettes available in the market. 

There is another famous e-cig which is a slim e-cigarette and its vaporizer looks like a flash drive which further comes with the feature that it can be charged in a laptop’s USB port. Well isn’t it to the technology mark? Indeed it is as this e-cigarette has made it convenient for the smokers to charge their e-cigarettes whenever required. Also, this e-cig makes less smoke than other devices and dissipates quietly. All you need to know is that the nicotine level is quite high in this devil so make a smart move here.

In the current scenario when phones are smart, people are smart enough to make the smartest moves regarding all the aspects of their life. People tend to switch from one technology to another with the speed of light and obviously considering the budget part. A lot of studies are being conducted on e-cigarettes as these are in trend nowadays

Benefits of an e-cigarette:

There are a number of benefits that constitute and support the fact of switching to vaping. Following are the few of the benefits which can guide you well:

1.    Helps you save money: When the main context is a rechargeable e-cig, then you must know that buying cigarettes on regular basis is quite expensive and needs to be budgeted all the time. On the other hand, an e-cigarette is a long-term investment and as readily available in the market nowadays, you are getting quite good deals on the start packages. You buy it once and other times, you only need to buy the e- juices to refill the cartridges.

2.    E- cigarettes available in different sizes and designs: Where cigarettes are only characterized as small medium and large, e-cigarettes are the best you choose. These devils are available in different size and designs which adds up to the flaunting of the e-cig in the public. These are trendy e-cigarettes that go with the lifestyle of people having the habit of smoking.

3.    With the advancement in technology and difference in the choices of people, the e-cig can be bought accordingly. Manufactures keep adding new features to their product so once you are done with your single e-cigarette, you can always switch to a better one depending on the amount you are willing to pay. 

So basically once you have made an investment and purchased an e-cig, all you need to do is refill the e- juice cartridges and keep pace with your lifestyle. 

Vaping is still dangerous:

We cannot ignore the fact that vaping and smoking are similar in terms of inhaling nicotine and other chemicals. Like smoking does no good to your health, so does vape do. Vaping is just another way of inhaling nicotine. Merely saying that technology is in, does not cover the fact that your health is affected no matter what. It is always advisable for you to quit smoking by all the doctors. 

Why is it dangerous?

You might be wondering to the fact that vaping is dangerous. Well yes, you are on the right track if you have a hint about the dangerous chemicals that are involved in smoking a traditional cigarette or any modern vape. E-cigarettes do not fill your lungs with harmful smoke but that doesn’t mean that it is a healthy alternative to regular cigarettes. No matter what you cannot ignore the fact that you are inhaling nicotine in any form, be it smoke, or vapor. Nicotine is a highly addictive drug and with this feature, if nicotine is consumed at high levels, it is really toxic in nature. For your information, nicotine was once used as an insecticide to kill bugs. Yes, that is indeed a shocking fact but it is the truth. 

Nicotine is a highly toxic drug as it has some seriously bad effects on your brain, heart and nervous system. Consuming nicotine in higher amounts increases palpitations and also your blood pressure is increased. This causes an abnormal heart rate increase in your body. 

But eventually coming back to the topic, vaping is far better and convenient than smoking and once a smoker decides to quit smoking and switched to vaping, he/ she is one step towards a healthy lifestyle. Nothing is impossible in life all you need is a determination to quit smoking and manufacturers have created a small step towards quitting smoking by introducing the rechargeable e-cigarettes for all the smokers. Keep your environment safe and choose to vape.