Why Cockroaches do Not go Out by Day

Cockroaches are nocturnal insects, they always avoid any kind of light, either natural or artificial. The scientific name of these creatures is Blattodea, and one of their main characteristics is that they maintain the habit of only going out at night. Most cockroach pest species have specific activity rates. They tend to "sleep" (or be inactive) during the day and begin to be active at night to look for food, usually four hours after the lights go out. However, this does not apply to places with a medium or severe cockroach infestation, where there are too many of these creatures and they have to go out at other times to eat.

How cockroaches behave

Why do cockroaches come out at night?

Cockroaches come out to feed on what they can find in your house, this includes food scraps, pet food, crumbs on the ground, garbage and grime between appliances and the countertop, and any other source of fresh or rotten food. Do these insects come out in the day? Yes. But, if you are seeing cockroaches during the day, it is a  good indication that you have a major infestation. Daytime activity generally means that food sources are limited to the cockroach population present, and are forced to search for food in other time zones.

Being nocturnal insects, cockroaches will avoid any kind of light, even if you turn on the lights of your home at night, even if it is artificial light, roaches will avoid it completely, hiding in dark places like under furniture or appliances, wait for the darkness to return and be able to carry out their activities.

Cockroaches are the insects that have the greatest capacity for adaptation in any environment, but we must bear in mind that one of their main needs to survive are dark and humid environments. It is said that even their biological and morphological characteristics keep their bodies more active during the hours of the night, and that is why these insects only leave when the environment is completely dark.

Where do cockroaches hide at night?

The cockroaches will always look for a space in which darkness predominates in order to avoid any kind of lighting. These animals have adapted their body to be able to inhabit really small places and be able to take refuge from the light very quickly. Regardless of what kind of cockroach species is American or flying, one of its main objectives will be to avoid light.

Their main hiding places inside the home are: under the washing machines, refrigerators or appliances, the pipes of the bathrooms or in the kitchens. Cockroaches are also usually installed in places where they can get food easily, make sure not to leave leftovers or garbage for a long time inside your home as this will really attract cockroaches.

Problems caused by cockroaches:

Cockroaches can carry parasitic worm eggs and these can cause dermatological problems and respiratory problems.
Cockroaches are linked to asthma. There have been studies that indicate that there is an increase in asthma symptoms in homes where cockroaches are present. When cockroaches leave their droppings, mutes, and saliva, they can trigger a negative reaction in the health of humans. This can worsen if these insects invade the ventilation systems because, when the air is turned on, the particles spread into the environment more easily.
Cockroaches have been linked to stomach diseases. They crawl through sewers and trash containers and then enter your home to deposit harmful bacteria on food preparation surfaces, shelves, cutlery drawers and more.

Take advantage of these tips to avoid the cockroach pests in your home. If you already have an infestation it is best to leave the tedious work of eliminating them in the hands of professionals or housekeeping services providers...