Required GMAT Scores to Study Abroad:

What is GMAT?

GMAT full form stands for Graduate Management Admission Test. Students wanting to study abroad in Masters of Business Administration or Finance related courses mostly sit for GMAT. GMAT test is made up of mainly four section: Analytical Writing Assessment, Integrated Reasoning, Quantitative, and Verbal Section. If you are planning to study MBA in top universities in the world, then this GMAT score guide will help you.

GMAT Scores:

GMAT exam is scored between the range of 200 and 800. 200 is the lowest and 800 is the highest GMAT score. GMAT scores come in multiples of 10. For Example- 300, 310, 320, and so on. The average score that is accepted by top MBA universities in the world is approx. 552. GMAT scores are valid for five years.

What is a Good GMAT Score?

A good GMAT score will fall between 550 and 800. If you score more than 700, you are in the Top 10% of the world and will be eligible for most of the Top Business Schools in the world. For the top 25%, you will have to get a score above 650. 650 is also a great score, and many universities around the world will find you eligible for their school. A score of above 550 will put you in top 50%, and there will be some universities, but they will not be as competitive programs.

GMAT Scores for Top Business Schools in the world:

Top Business Universities in USA:

Globally, Unites states of America has the most number of prestigious business schools, which have made a name for themselves. International students make a high 5% of the total students in the USA. In Financial Times’ Global MBA Rankings, 51 institutes of 100 are from the Unites States of America.
Business Universities in USA
Required GMAT Scores
1.      Harvard University
2.      Massachusetts Institute of Technology
3.      University of Pennsylvania
4.      Stanford University
5.      University of California (Berkeley)

Top Business Universities in Europe:

With a global perspective in mind, the business schools in Europe have made themselves an interesting pick for the students who want to study abroad. With 7 of the world’s 10 happiest countries, Europe is the place to look forward to. Not only have they focused on management, but also marketing, sustainability and development of the business and research facilities.
Business Universities in Europe
Required GMAT Scores
1.      INSEAD
2.      London Business School
3.      University of Cambridge
4.      University of Oxford
5.      London School of Economics and Political Science

Top Business Schools in Canada:

When it comes to studying abroad, Canada is the go-to place for the students. With around 90% surge in the international students over last decade, Canada offers as adequate learning opportunities to the business student as the neighbor USA. Canada has 7 of the world’s top 150 universities as per QS world rankings.
Business Universities in Canada
Required GMAT Scores
1.      University of British Columbia
2.      University of Toronto
3.      McGill University
4.      University of Western Ontario
5.      Queen’s University

Top Business Schools in Australia:

Slowly emerging as a student favorite study abroad destination, Australia offers world-class business schools and excellent MBA programs. With 7,00,000 international students, Australia is turning into a culturally diverse country. Many of Australia’s business schools have been listed in Top 100 Financial Times’ Global MBA Rankings.
Business Universities in Australia
Required GMAT Scores
1.      University of Melbourne
2.      University of New South Wales
3.      RMIT University
4.      The University of Sydney
5.      The Australian National University