Preparing for GRE in Two Months - 4 Sample Schedules

Preparing for a competitive exam like GRE in two months is not an easy thing. Here, you can think of dividing your study plan into two parts. In the first month of your study plan, you have to focus on mainly mastering the strategic approach to each type of question including the math content and vocabulary to get your questions correct. 

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In the second month focus on answering the questions more quickly with a lot of practice. Don’t forget to challenge yourself with tougher questions.

Before you start preparing for your GRE, you need to know your strength and our weaknesses. Then, prepare yourself by targeting on your weaknesses and building on your strengths. Even referring to the best GRE coaching classes can help you to get through it. 

Preparing for GRE in Two Months 

        *  Step 1: Take a practice test- Taking a practice test will help you find out your verbal and quantitative scores. It will help you to know what type of questions you are good at and which ones gave you trouble. This will help you design your study plan more efficiently. By taking a practice test it will also help you to become familiar with the format of the exam and its timing. Then eventually as you study, it will become easier and highly motivating. A practice test not only measures your performance but also helps you learn.

2    Step 2: Setting a timetable- There is a possibility of delay in proper preparation when your GRE exam is two months away. You have a whole lot of things that you need to prepare so it might get very difficult to carve out the time and energy to study. Days and week will fly away faster and before you know it, you will have your test knocking at your door. Studying on most days of a week will improve your score more rather than studying for just one or two days a week. 

3   *  Step 3: Developing your study plan- How should you study? The best approach is to use resources like GRE book or a good GRE institute to learn some effective procedure and then go ahead by practicing whatever you have learned with test-like questions. Applying the things learned, to the types of questions on the exam day will solidify your knowledge. You can be more efficient in the difficult areas. Coming to what should you study, it mainly depends on the results of the practice tests. Focus on the questions you find difficult and the ones that are more frequently tested. In the last week just before your GRE exam, put more stress on your strengths. For example, if you get most of your geometry questions correct, then practice more geometry several times to enhance your confidence and also be ensured that you can count more on this skill.

4.    Step 4: Go ahead and rock the test- Still feeling nervous? Just remind yourself about all the hard works that you have put in, and you are absolutely ready for GRE.