Indian Tourism Industry

India’s tourism sector has been on a gradual rise over the last few years. It is a major factor influencing the growth of the service industry in India. India is a land rich with diverse cultures, historical sites, ecological variety, and numerous beautiful and scenic terrains. 

Tourism helps the economic growth of the country and its people by generating employment, with 8% of the total employment opportunities generated from tourism in 2017 alone, as well as earning foreign currency for the country. Also, read this Best places to visit in Delhi.
Advanced technological integration to aid in travel and planning has majorly contributed to the growth of the industry. People have been gradually inclining towards taking more vacations and leisure time, with the increase in spending power of the middle class, contributing towards both domestic and outbound tourism.

Due to this boom in the tourism industry, a large number of international hotel chains have opened their doors in India. It is estimated that they will account for 50% market share in the tourism industry of India, by 2022.

The Government of India, realizing that the country has a huge potential for tourism, has planned some major initiatives to further grow their market share.

They are working on achieving a 1% market share in the world’s international tourist arrivals by 2020, and 2% by 2025.
Under the budget scheme of 2018-19, they have allotted Rs. 1250 crore towards the improvement of tourist circuits.
The Government of India is planning on expanding the E-Visa scheme to double the inflow of tourists Indian and continental recipes

New Delhi, the capital of India is at the forefront of tourist activity. Being a major hub for politics, entertainment and big corporate Delhi witness millions of tourists every day. Naturally, the development of the lodgings industry has increased exponentially. With a great F&B industry as well as plenty of avenues for entertainment, Delhi has a major contribution to the tourism industry in India.

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