How Students can Earn Money with Blogging

Blogging is considered as one of the most popular platforms these days through which one can earn huge amount of money if they are capable of implementing various unique strategies and attract visitors to their blogs.

When it comes to a student there is a number of ways through which a student can earn money through blogging, but the question that concerns everyone here is being a student why they need to do blog and what is the need of earning money? So, if you are also one of them who are looking for an answer to these questions then you must join us in this journey because I am going to inform you how students can earn money with blogging.

What is Guest Post?

But before we jump at the procedure, we will see what are the benefits of doing blogging being at student’s level:

*  Easy to gain knowledge at a younger level.
*  Can learn unique strategies from experts when you are a beginner.
*  You can start your own blog at a younger level.
*  You can choose to blog as your career if you think that you are capable to do blogging.

If you don’t want to earn money that you can easily start your own blog on any niche depending upon your interest but if your agenda is to earn money through your blog then there are some points you need to take care of as mentioned below:

*  Blogging platform (such as Blogger or WordPress).
*  Targeted audience.
*  Social media marketing.

How Students can earn money with blogging?

If you are a student and thinking about getting some money in your pocket then here are some ways of how you can do it.

*  Writing Content for Blogs:

If you are confident about your English and know that you can write content on any niche then you can become a freelance content writer and earn good amount of money. All you need to take care of is the information you are writing, grammar errors, format etc.

*  Start your own blog:

Even though you don’t know how to SEO, you can start your blog and start sharing it on social media platforms, and slowly you can give time to do its SEO too. In order to learn how to do SEO, you can subscribe to any YouTube channel and start learning.

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*  Google AdSense:

Once AdSense is approved for your blog, the way for earning money will become easy. Because one click on advertisement means getting a small amount of money in Google AdSense. Now it’s up to you how you place the ads in your articles so that the users click on it.

*  Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing means selling someone’s product to customers, and if you are successful in doing that you will get some amount of money.


Mentioned above are the ways of how students can earn money with blogging, and if you are a student and your dream is to become a successful blogger then it’s time to put efforts from now only because getting organic traffic on your blog is not at all, it takes time and patience.